My first commission build….

sbchicken01You guys must me thinking #@&#@% has this got to do with my first commission build….read on to find out more…


Remember my young lady apprentice Erica :D. Well she has this school dance and play next week and apparently they needed some props for their dance. So Erica’s mom went out and ask around some ‘professional’ who could make the props for her and guess how much it will cost??? Total =$300!!!….a $100 per item….OMG thats insane! So I told her why not let me do it instead ^^, I be more than willing to help out my little niece to build these stuff over the weekend. Just pay me the money for the materials and a small fee for the time lol. Oh and regarding the first picture? What has the props got to do with the chicken?

Well the props are actually 3 pieces of drumstick that Erica and 2 other kids will hold in their hands and dance. (But I don’t know of any dance thats appropriate with chicken drum sticks…) So after settling as to whether she wants here chicken cajun style, fried or braised, we decided to do some fried chicken ^^

So time to put those gunpla scratch building to good use ^^

sbchicken03At this point I have already build the internal frame of my MG drumstick…erh I mean drumstick with some wooden rods.

sbchicken04As for the bone joints I used 2 ends of the ice cream stick. Later the frame with be covered with news paper followed by a white wrapper to make the bones. I have also scratched build the head, but at this point I am leaving em to dry ^^

sbchicken07And my ugly doll friends decided to join the party :p

sbchicken02Chicken anyone ^^?

Well till the next post!!


14 thoughts on “My first commission build….

  1. My thoughts exactly on the opening post. xD

    Thumbs up for the effort to help out. I’ll be expecting a gallery of your MG drumsticks when it’s done. 😀

  2. LOL i though u built that chicken… but close enough ^^;

    this is great, using news paper/paper mache is affordable option and should save them lots… $300 for 3 items is insane XD and nice start, they look like rockets right now! at that scale they seem more like PG haha congrats and good luck on your first commission!

    • Haha no way man….its actually my coin box lol ^^. Its insane how much they charge just to make props for a kids show. Now that you mention it they do look like rockets. Perfect grade chickens….wait that means I need to add those leds inside…make the chickens steaming hot 😛

    • Thanks! Articulation lol ^^…..maybe i’ll add a flap so that the skin can peel and show the meat haha! Stay tuned for more pics!

  3. haha, congratulation on your first commission built^^ The school play is next week right? that’s a pretty tight deadline you got there! In case if anything goes wrong, you could always use a real chicken drumstick for the kids 😀

    looking forward to see the next step! good luck:D

    • Haha don’t get your hopes to high on the articulation though ^^; The only thing I can seem to do is make it extra crispy 😀

  4. Haha! I thought u built the chicken! Bootleg MG? Lol! Btw, do you have any recommendation for separating mg exia fingers? Other than using the tri-tools?

    • Haha no way I can build that chicken. In fact its actually a coin box lol. Btw you can use an art knife to cut the mg exia fingers instead. But it will be a bit harder though. 😀

    • I got it at the store play imaginative. Its at the newly open store at illuma shopping centre. As for the chicken I forgot where I got it already sorry :p.

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