Unexpected guests…

While do some minor updates to my SD tashi chi gundam an unexpected pink guest showed up….




Its my recently accquired Ugly doll Wedge Head from this years’ STGCC! I have a soft spot for these soft silly figures lol ^^. They are soft, have simple articulations and also they are about as tall as an any sd gundam series. Generally they are also know as Urban Toys a term I just picked up from reading H4msterworld’s post ^^. So I figured why not share them here hehe.

randomupdate03For comparison, here is wedgie with my HGUC FA 78-3 Gundam ^^

randomupdate04And my second ugly doll blue bat ^^ I love that silly looking face!


A close up shot ^^


Blue bat is slightly shorter and as for my pink wedge head surprisingly despite have a relatively large head to feet ratio…he is quite stable. So stable that he can even do this…

randomupdate07Heh blue bat get of my head!

randomupdate09with some adjustments I am able to use blue bat on a gundam action base ^^

On a separate note, I realize most of my friends and family around me have been falling sick….must be another flu virus going on!! Also Z has been down with the flu and thank goodness he’s recovering 😀

Most of us have been wondering what happened to him after such a week long of absence, and interestingly his comment section have turned into more of a chat room lol ^^

randomupdate06Anyway here is wedge and blue bat saying good night and good health! Don’t catch the flu!

Till the next post!


18 thoughts on “Unexpected guests…

  1. sweet i didnt know his mace splits in two! and those Ugly dolls are freakin cute lol they have that “durrr” expression, so funny! i want some now ^^;

    flu season! not good with everyone getting sick. hope your friends and family get well soon, keep hands clean as not to spread germs!

    • Haha they will make quite a nice companion with your nendos ^^ They should be about the same height! There is about 12 of them in the whole collection at the moment. The latest Ugly dolls actually glow in the dark!

      Yep better keep those hands clean, falling sick is the worst thing that can happen! Health is wealth 😀

    • Sure thing mate. Did you look through my previous post on taishici? I did detail on the joint mods that i did there 😀 And thanks for dropping by ^^

    • Your comment reminded me of this phrase ‘Ugly but adorable’ ^^ lol. Funny thing is I get that comment from my GF all the time haha :D. Maybe subconsciously thats why I am drawn to them!

    • Haha thanks! I really love these toys haha. Oh I got this at Iluma shopping center ^^. The first floor there is a store call play imaginative 😀 They have loads of other toys you can check out.

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