SD Sangokuden Taishici Part 1 ikimasu!

My very first purchase of the month from HAG ^^. Want to take a break from the astray for a while, need some time to figure out the later mods :D. Also I realised i run out of flat black so that I can finish handpainting my gouf…. well anyway I’ll just start on this guy first in the meantime. Gundam Sd Sangokuden Taishici start!


SdTashichi02Straight assembled from the box. That crab like thingy is actually his armor ^^. Its has quite a cool transformation gimmick but I won’t be showing that till I finish his main body. I love his weapon. Very different from the tons of swords out there!

Now I am gonna try something out that I always wanted to do that I always see other modelers do…hee….wish me luck! Now for some additional articulation mods hee…

SdTashichi03Sawed the arm into 2 with my tri tool

SdTashichi04Add some pla plates to cover the holes. Also provide a better grip for my parts later

SdTashichi05X marks the spot!

SdTashichi06Drilled with 1.5mm drill and then glued the koto add on connectors to it ^^

SdTashichi07Compared with the original arm. Now I have another point of articulation for the arm ^^

SdTashichi09Next i’ll add a ball joint to the mid section. Need to hollow this part out

SdTashichi16After hollowing the interior. Now for that ball joint

SdTashichi10Looks familiar to you? Yep its from kuan yu’s right arm ^^. A poor man’s way of getting a ball joint haha 😀 Cut and glued together with pla plates. Temporary I’ll attach it with blue tak.

SdTashichi11A closer look at the joint

SdTashichi12Now lets test the mid joint. Now it can turn left

SdTashichi13Twist right

SdTashichi14And front! Unfortunately, its unable to bend back wards…probably needs some reworking.

SdTashichi15A little preview ^^

Well thats all for the night…man I am tired…but statisfied gunpla nite ^^ Got to work on the hands and mid section the next round!

Till the next post!


27 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Taishici Part 1 ikimasu!

  1. how much are those pla plates? since I’m going to Singapore soon at the end of this month, can I see you and learn how to do that?

    • Less than $10 for a pack of sheets. There are different thickness and the ones I use here are from tamiya. You can get those at M workshops at sunshine plaza ^^ I think the best person to look for will be Sam from Hobby Art’s Gallery. This is my first time doing this so still need to iron out all these things. Btw when will you be coming? It will be cool to meet up anyway ^^

  2. hey! I bought Freedom Gundam Lighting Edition from Sunshine Plaza too!

    I’ll be going to KL on the 31st Oct, planning to go to Padang and visit my relatives, ever since the landslide and I can’t established any contacts with them, I was plan to go straight to Singapore and get myself Gundam Seed Astray Blue Frame 2nd L. Sam huh? It be best if we can meet up and go see him together, never done this before so yeah, it’s gonna be great, I’ll be living with my aunt and cousin over there.

  3. oh yeah I’ll be going to KL on the 31st Oct. Since I can’t go to Padang and can’t establish any contact with my relatives over there, So I might go straight to Singapore. And I’ll be getting MBF-P03 third Gundam Astray Blue Frame Third. I bought my Freedom Gundam Lighting Edition in Sunshine Plaza too, that was 2 years ago ^^

  4. sweet articulation mods! i wanted to add something like this to Wing Zero but alas i do not have the required tools ^^;

    i really like the look of this SD, great pose in last pic ^^ looking forward to the Henshin gimmick too lol

    • Thanks ^^. Hmm now that you mentioned it I does look a bit like a mask rider lol 😀 Don’t think your MG Wing Zero needs any mods for articulation though, its already very good as it is ^^.

  5. Nice work on the articulation mods. Haha what did Guan Yu do to deserve his amputation? I think HAG has those aftermarket joints on sale, and M Workshop on the other side is even more well-stocked. I noticed they started selling quite a number of metal parts too. Easier to give your models some metal overkill now.

    • Heh thanks ^^. Haha well that was my second kuan yu..initially thought of doing a modded kuan yu but somehow Taishici was more appealing hehe..Anyway I’ll probably mod another hand for him to make it up. (According to the story kuan yu did have a minor operation to remove an arrow…just I got carried away lol!) Oh yea I also noticed that too recently at M workshop! So many after market parts I don’t know where to start! Probably might get a few for my HG kampfer to have that metal overkill 😀

  6. Wow! You are really going all out with your mods. I have never owned any SD kits. But they look really fun to build & paint. Looking forward to your next update.

    I have yet to learn how to properly do a waist mod. I might try your method.

    • Oh its a free pin with the picture of tashici gundam painted on it ^^. But I gave it to my cousin already though lol 😀

  7. hi there chubbybots.
    im 5thluna nice to see you and thankyou for leaving message.
    you did awesome movable customization on your DOM.
    keep going . cant wait to see complete~~

    • Heh hi 5thluna! Thanks for your compliments. Domo arigato 😀 Your mods are even more impressive! I have been looking around your site for some time haha ^^ I plan to do a write up and feature your works on my next post. Will send you the link once I get it up. And thanks for dropping by here!

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