Astray Red Frame WIP Phase 4 !! Ikimasu!

Before I start i’ll like to thank for the really encouraging comments and feedbacks on my gundam astray red frame build. I never really expect to mod so much…I guess this is what you call AMS (advance modelling syndrome…) lol. I initially planned only on doing the knees but seeing awesome scratched build weapons by heathorn it kinda inspired me to do more. His scratch build weapons are amazing! Well heres my 2nd humble attempt at doing something like that. Well lets get scratching!!

I did my sketch of how I want the arm unit to look like. It will help me plan out the cutting.


My noob sketching lol…epic fail at art classes…


I first cut out a small piece of pla plate. Drawing the desired shape I test fitted it to the main arm part. I used a black marker to make out the shape of the blade.


I trimed out the excess and got my first template for the blade.

astray403Using that template, I drew on the 0.5 mm pla plate by tracing on the edges of the template.

astray404In fact 0.5 mm pla plate is quite thin, so you can use a scissors to cut out the shapes ^^. Much faster than using art knifes

astray405Also I had to cover up the holes behing the arm unit.

astray406Using the same method as above, I made the pla plates for covering up gaps.

astray407Now the main skeleton of the weapons is done ^^. Will work on the detailing in my next wip for this kit.

astray413Test fit on my kit ^^. Now it looks a bit better with the bigger blades.

astray412I’ll take you all on!

astray411Lastly an environmental message from my GF, save all the excess plastic ^^. You’ll never know when you need that odd piece!

Till the next post!

23 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame WIP Phase 4 !! Ikimasu!

  1. hes looking a lot more menacing with the bigger blades! nice to see a step by step progress ^^ how about adding small blades to the back of the handle too… hmmm but they might get in the way unless you make em retractable lol

    does it matter which side you let facing outwards on the pla platers(shiny or dull) im guessing paint sticks better to the dull side and good message by your gf, small bits can be used for armor detailing ^^

    • Thanks mate ^^. In fact for the back I have some interesting stuff for that hehe…will do that for the next update! Actually the dull side is due do to my sanding. For pla plates they are all quite shiny to begin with. I will be putting a primer before painting so I won’t have to worry about painting which side :D. Yep, saving those small pieces is good ^^ (also easier on my wallet haha!)

  2. I like your weapon, it’s like a combination of tonfa and blade ^_^
    So you are using a pivot point on its arms to turn the weapon around?

    I am flattered you like my SB weapons, thx ^_^
    actually for the hinu rifle, it’s not fully SB, unlike the other 2 previous weapons.

    • Heh thanks your encouraging comments. Glad that you like it! Yep I’ll be turning the weapon around where it used to be a slot for the shield. This is just only the skeleton so and I’ll be adding details along the way. You are one of the few modelers who actually mod their weapons. Most of the time i see other ppl only modding the main body but hardly touching the weapons!

  3. Actually ar, i just realised that the gunblades look like the Verde buster one leh, you scratch build? Don’t remember Verde buster got 1/100…

  4. haha, so you save the excess plastic! I’m doing it too man! You could always cut those into small pieces and turn it into small detailing for your Gundam ^^

    • I am for the environment ^^ Just doing a little part on my side 😀 Yep those small parts can be used for detailing hehe ;D

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