Astray red frame minor wip updates ^^

This post is just to let you guys know that I am very much still doing my red frame. So just to share what little progress that I have done so far with this kit ^^. Its my first time doing major mods so I am taking my time on this one.

astray301I decided to bulk up the shoulders a bit ^^. Change the layout from the last time and found this much better looking. Previously also, I decided to instead to attach the gun blades to the arms instead. They will be able to rotate once I am done with the mechanism for that.

astray302Kinda borrowed this idea from a recently launched seed vs astray kit ^^. Also sanded the pla plates that I have added to the arm armor.

astray303And one thing I am very happy that I managed to get it right were the leg armors. Very happy that it managed to turn out the way I wanted after a very long session of trial and error. Will add more detail and pla plates ^^

Next up I have to come up with an idea on how to hold the two gebera straight that I have….maybe add one more huge ass sword to make this the astray 7 swords version lol. That will give exia a run for his money!

Well thats all for the night.

Till the next post!


10 thoughts on “Astray red frame minor wip updates ^^

    • heh thanks for your encouraging comments ^^. I detailed that knee mod in my work in progress (wip) 3 for the astray. You can find it under my work in progress page. Basically I cut the existing knee armor leaving only the connector. I lay the pla plates over the connector. The knee cap armor consist of four pieces of pla plate which I glued together and then cut out the excess and sanded the edges :D.

  1. The mods look fine but the attachments on the arm are pretty small against the wider arm. Plus the small reach of the bladed part isn’t all that good if you’re considering the practical use of it.

    Just my 2cents.

    • Hmm thanks for the comments, will take that into consideration ^^. I think maybe I might add some length to the blades as you suggest. I am quite happy with the size of the attachments though to be honest haha 😉 Its a first time doing such extensive mods for any kit so I don’t wanna mod more than I can chew. Prefer to build up one step at a time.

  2. I’m waiting for the details that you’re gonna put on the knee, coz it still looks a little bit plain 🙂
    But i gotta tell you, that is one good pla plate cutting that you did for the knee 😀 nice!

    • Thanks for the compliments ^^. Yep will definitely add more details to that area, its sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the detailed parts! Time to do more research 🙂

  3. he is looking badass! the knee armor came out really good, im finding pla plates hard to work with so really great job! im liking the mods so far ^^

    you should definitely make him Astray 7 swords version lol im all for that idea. would make a great battle scene/diorama with the both =P

    • woot thanks ^^. I have a total of six swords already…really have no idea where to store that no 7 sword lol ^^. Thanks for the encouragement will add more fuel to the modding fire hee :D!!

      • how about a attach it to the center of his back vertically ^^ hes already quite heavily equipped lol

        or you can also do a mod with the knees to open and place 2 more dagger beam sabers inside XDDD

        • lol….nine sword system lol ^^. Remod my modded knees haha 🙂 I did thought of putting it at the back it kinda failed at my first attempt at the drawing board. It will be a challenge but heh, nothing ventured nothing gained. Will come up with another ver 2.0 for that!

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