Dawn of the Bods!!! The zombies are coming…

I took leave today to bring my mom for her regular body check up, not really in the mood to do any gunpla for today so I search for some online games to play and I found this really addictive game haha…currently I am rank 120 plus 😉

You can play the game here

Zombies are my favorites when it comes to the supernatural genre! My first zombie movie was night of the living dead by George A Romero.  In fact I have watch Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead even up to his slightly more current version of Diary of the Dead which I have enjoyed throughly haha.


His shows always parallels to horrors that is our current predicament. Diary of the dead showed events as it happen through the eyes of people behind the video cams, youtube videos, blogs….mainstream vs twitterstream (I made this term up ^^) who to believe? How will our current society react to such an attack hmm…

Believe it or not…Zombies can be funny in a twisted kind of way haha….here a few that I have in my collection ^^

And another of my favorite, Fido haha…this is a very retro setting for zombies. Do try to watch in intro for this show…had a good laugh. Zombie playmates anyone?

And also one of the funniest zombie survival guides that I enjoyed so far ^^. Its interesting to find so many different strategies to deal with future zombie infestations. My strategy will probably head down back to my army camp, we need guns..lots of guns haha.

And actually there is one Gundam that is very close to a zombie from the series G gundam. Happened in the neo egypt battle 🙂

Well just sharing with you guys my other little hobbies other than Gundams haha ^^. So whats your favorite horror icon? Vampires, werewolves?

Till the next post!


7 thoughts on “Dawn of the Bods!!! The zombies are coming…

  1. that game is quite fun! i got 140k in points but wasnt able to check my rank ;_;

    i think my fav horror icon would be zombies too, love “Shaun of the Dead” lol havent seen any of the others shows before, “FIDO” look hilarious XD

    • Dude you need to catch FIDO ^^. Dank 140k…better start playing again! 😉 But there hasn’t really been any good zombies movies of late though sobz… but I can’t believe I forgot to mention this movie in my post! Planet Terror…really good fun and cheesy movie, warning though, lots of blood splatter…

      Machine gun leg !!

    • Haha thanks thanks ^^. But my updates are small ones. Z from gunpla inochi when he updates, he updates in a huge way ;). But thanks again for the compliments 🙂

  2. ahh you got me addicted to this game, played it 3 times total so far on my spare time! highest i got was rank 19 with a score of 242,596k lol fps skills coming into play =P

    oh and awesome new avatar! ^^

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