Gouf ignited!- handpainting in progress

Thank goodness there was nothing on this afternoon. Nothing like a long session in the afternoon where you can paint till your hearts content ^^. I started out handpainting my gunplas before venturing into things like spraycans and airbrushing hee. I kinda miss the old days so I decided to handpaint my gouf this time round ^^. Its cheaper to handpaint by the way.

So this time round I’ll also try out a new handpainting style that I learn from Yaya’s blog. Also this will be a dirty and gritty gouf, no more clean from the factory.

I start of by spraying the base coat, flat black





gouf303Spraying the black base coat will provide some grip for the paints later ^^.

For the joints and weapons, I’ll be using this

gouf305To get the right mix, stir with a toothpick, for every drop of the paint, add in a drop of thinner. All the paints I used here are lacquer based.

gouf306Before painting

gouf307After painting, and only one coat.

gouf310For the painting the darker blue color parts (main body), I’ll be using these 2 paints

gouf308For the first layer, I dry brush the intermediate blue, also take note, do this in one direction. Leave a bit of the base black coat exposed.

gouf309Using the gundam color blue, I did the same, leaving some of the under coat exposed .  Ohh I love this look 🙂 Weathered look achieved!

For the other blue parts, I did the same above just that I replaced gundam blue with skyblue.


As for the chest area, I did a bit of dry brushing with this


Main body assembled!



gouf314Will touch up the shield ^^….bad paint job




My overbrushed tissue….I somehow feel like picasso at this point lol ^^

Will do the enamel washing and panel lining for next round

Till the next post!


20 thoughts on “Gouf ignited!- handpainting in progress

    • Thanks ;)! Will try out something I learned from your MG Exia on the shield. This is the first time I am also handpainting using this technique, made a bit of mistakes which I will share later ^^. Maybe I should keep that piece of tissue, might go up in value in the future lol!

    • Oh thanks ^^. Actually I learn this from others, just recreating and sharing only haha. But happy that you learned something from this post 😉

  1. Wow.. I envy u man… painting is something I don’t dare to try (anymore)… well I did tried in the past (once) and end up destroying my Gundam and wasted lots of time and a little money… get frustrated and from there onwards I rather not “destroy” my Gundam….

    • I know how that feels, had that feeling when I used the wrong type of thinner and melted my HG destiny…but I am glad i didn’t stop there. And looking at the works of other ppl really helped me ^^. I figure it was my passion that managed to get me through. Hope one day u might feel the itch to do a little bit of painting again, maybe just start with painting small parts instead and take it one step at a time. 😉

  2. nice! i still cleaning up my RX-78.. doubt i can finish it before my trip man.. so sad.. haha.. its such a SLOOOW process… no time.. hope your gouf turns out well.. =) and looking at gouf makes me feel like getting MG Kampfer.. oso a true blue colour.. very nice.. haha..

    • Thanks 😉 Take your time with your kit. No need to rush unless you are going for some competition ^^. MG Kampfer is a nice kit. I have talked to others about this kit and instead they recommend me to take the HGUC ones instead. Not only it is cheaper, but the proportions and looks are much better. FYI I have HGUC Kampfers lol ^^. One I build last time but it was a sucky build. So I bought another one recently from HAG, hopefully this time do justice to one my favorite zeon moblie suit!

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