Gouf Ignited Operation Dust Storm – Phase 2

Did a bit of my 1/144 gouf ignited from Gundam Seed Destiny when I came back from work last night ^^. Just some in progress pictures before I head out for my jogging session…I have a bit of a problem wearing my pants of late….


The biology student in me is itching for some micro surgery, didn’t like the look of the shield so I intend to do some cutting

goufignitedB02My cutting tool hehe..

goufignitedB03Cut the two sides first. I want to remove that center piece.

goufignitedB05My ever useful tri tool ^^

goufignitedB04Cut across and removed one side. Now for the other



After trimming away the excess and sanding the edges ^^.

goufignitedB08Sharpened the fin on the head. Its a must if I want my mech to look fierce haha

goufignitedB09Top half done. ^^ Will settle the legs tomorrow.

Well just some small updates. Progress is slow but I am happy I am moving along at least! Need to stop playing that addictive Naruto Ninja Storm on my PS3!!

Till the next post!


6 thoughts on “Gouf Ignited Operation Dust Storm – Phase 2

    • Yep very much haha! PS3 is very draining on my schedule….usually I’ll go for a jog, shower and then settle down for some gunpla time ^^. But if start on PS3…I’ll just get hook…. and I end up just being too tired lol.

    • If you are refering to the spikes, another way instead of using a rotor is to use sandpaper, about 400 grit first, take one small piece and twist it around the spikes the sharpen the edges. Repeat using 600 to 1000 grit sandpaper. I wish I had a picture to show, but I am afraid this is the best I can put it to you ^^;

    • Hmm my suggestion is to think through carefully and plan out how you want to achieve that. Of course there will be mistakes a long the way ^^ best is to try out on a cheaper kit! Even I don’t dare to cut up my MGs at the moment!

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