Giroro’s new toy

I usually take a stroll at Bugis during my lunch breaks, while I was making my way to Kinokuniya for my daily dose of FHM and photography mags I went through BHG and saw a large pile of keroplas for sale…and boy what a sale it was. I can never resist a plastic bargin…plus if its a keropla…

Giroro01For a nice price of $10 each, I got these…MK2 versions of their robots…way better than the MKIs!

Giroro03Side box art

Giroro04Very colorful and funny instruction manual ^^. Also some intro about Giroro at the top. Love the pic with Natsumi!

Giroro05In the whole team, Giroro is the most disciplined in the team but goes haywire whenever he sees Natsumi ^^. He is also the weapon specialist for the team.

Giroro06A little comic strip inside…too bad I can’t read Japanese!

Giroro07An interesting way to construct kerojin’s bodies

Giroro08Giroro with belt and a little nice stand ^^. I love the colors straight out of the box.

Giroro09Comes with his own flyer.

Giroro10For ten dollars, its amazing how detailed Bandai actually made these keroplas!


Loved that skull design haha

Giroro12Very MG like details for his thrusters…

Giroro13Even the insides of the legs are also detailed…don’t think even the 1/144 scale HGs get such treatment

Giroro14Vehicle  mode ^^.

Giroro15Henshin! Giroro Robo Mark II!!!

Well I am very happy building this guy. If a few touch of paint and adding in the stickers, this is one pretty fun kit not only to build but also to play with ^^. Of course I’ll finish up the rest of my stuff before I get back to him and resume that pekopon invasion haha. Hope you guys can check out these kits, really a nice change from gundams.

Well till the next post!


8 thoughts on “Giroro’s new toy

  1. lol! nice grab.. haha.. it reminds me of bomberman with their transformable robots.. den can combine all together oso. dunno whether you noe not.. cool.. and ya! they look so much better made for such a price! and it looks as good or slightly better den SD Gundams… ^^

    • I might get the other 3 this weekend ….can form god keron! Bomber man is quite nice, and the fun thing is that they can shoot bullets. But you might want to hold back if you painted them. And you are quite the cook ^^. Saw the bento set that you made for tako ^^

      • OH! they can combine too! Cool.. i like these kinda kits too.. able to combine is a BIG PLUS.

        haha.. thank you. nah.. its jus simple meal fare. very easy to make.. =D i can teach you if you wan! for your gf.. haha.. XD

        Ren. ^^

    • I managed to catch up the movie versions of this series and stopped somewhere along season one of this series…man lots of stuff to catch up!!! Wait till I get the other 3 pieces haha ^^ – Then I’ll have god keron to mod on haha.

    • haha ya man! Didn’t know it was that good till i bought em. If you get all five of em they can combine ^^. I am waiting to grab on the pirate versions coming up this month ^^.

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