Mooncake anyone ^^

Sdcollection20I got this nice moon cake from a business associate ^^. Funny thing is I wasn’t interested in the moon cake haha. This is quite a nicely designed boxed and I had this little idea…

Sdcollection21I love the little decorations and the nice green texture of the box. ^^ Chinese inspired type printing.

Now for that little idea that I had in mind…

Sdcollection22There you have it ^^. A nice little base for my small SD Sangokuden Collection


Kuan Yu and Guan Ping Gundam. Kuan Yu is my first SD Sangokuden.

Sdcollection24Kuan Yu was also the first SD that I experimented with dry brushing ^^.

Sdcollection25I love Guan Ping’s Uber Blade…

Sdcollection29Other than a base, this moon cake box can also act as a fighting platform!

Sdcollection26Ryubi VS Kochu Gundam!


That long bow is menacing…

Sdcollection28Looking fearless..

Sdcollection30My small humble collection ^^


Zetaplus. ^^




Sdcollection35$2 dollar mini stand bought inside Daiso




Sdcollection40Moon cake anyone ?

Well till the next post!


6 thoughts on “Mooncake anyone ^^

    • Haha thanks ^^. But so far this is the only box that I come across that looks suitable for my Sangokuden. I mainly got those cardboard ones….don’t think they look as good and also probably might not be able to handle the weight. giant mooncakes…haha the grand prize if they win the fight ^^

    • Haha thanks ^^. I love these range of SD’s more detailed and fun. FYI it was white lotus mooncake with a single yoke in it haha^^. Have you ever tasted these in your country?

      • ohh ive had those, a little too sweet but still very good. im cantonese and my parents are usually able to get their hands on a nice variety of mooncakes ^^ my fav is lotus seed paste and the egg is a must! which is your fav?

        • I like those that they called ice skin mooncakes, the texture is very soft and needs to be kept in the fridge ^^. The filling is still lotus but the yoke is actually replace by a chocolate core with alcohol in it haha!

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