Exia repair – A weathering case study

In trying to come up ideas for my MG Exia repair. As this is my first time attempting to weather a kit, I attempt to document all my references that I found and post their links here ^^. Well onward with the research!

The Actual Fight

A good source of inspiration for the battle damage will be to watch the anime itself ^^. This is the last battle for gundam 00 season 1, graham vs setsuna. But somehow I am not to sure how setsuna manages to retrieve and reinstall the head after that blow from graham. Will be interesting to see how he manages to attach back that head if they ever come up a back story for this…

Watching the video, i took note of the following things

1.18 – 1.20 min, graham makes a clean stab at the head. Both the yellow fins still intact.

1.28 – 1.30 min, a kick to the right side vent.

2.11 – 2.13 min, a stab right through the waist armor. Ouch!

And here is the line art which I grab from  mahq.net. Wonderful site that details every known mech that came out from Gundam. Heres the actual link.


I noticed a few things. The ankle armors are completed taken off. The left side of the skirt amour is also missing. The yellow fin on the right shoulder is also taken out. Will keep this in mind when doing my kit.

Weathered MG Exias

First up from Hongkong ^^ gundam efsf. He photographs lots of gundam kits from other modelers and his photos are really amazing! Heres the link to his site but this is mainly in chinese though.


DSC_21618I love the subtle black shaded edges coupled with dry brushing to give that very evenly weathered look.  His joints are heavily dry brushed with silver. Also I notice that the clear parts are probably also coated to remove that reflective look. The color of the cloak is a very nice grey instead of the default color out of the box.

Next up extreme bullet holes! This is done by rockleelotus ^^.



Its amazing what you can do with burning incense ^^. Look at those nicely done holes! Especially those at the shoulders. I think the weathering done is just nice. Not too much and not too little. I like the little slashes he does here and there on the shield. Do take a look at his other pictures in his site ^^.

I will update this part with other ppl’s work when I come across more that I fancy hee.

Painting and weathering references


This is taken from Yaya’s blog ^^. The above you see are all handpainted…Very pro HongKong Modeler and I admire him for always sharing all those wonderful techniques. Here is his handpainting guide on weathering. Its in chinese however. Here he sprays a coat of flat black, dry brushing a dark base color followed by lighter colors on the top. To give the overall a dirty grime look he uses brown enamel wash. Do check this out!

Also a few links that I got from searching Plamo threads ^^ about weathering. The sources are actually from an armor website Armorama.

Washing & Drybrushing Armor by Mike Taylor

Weathering Heresies by Paul Owen (Long detailed article ^^)

Also a weathering guide for star wars kit. I think this is much more applicable here in this case as the battle was fought in space. Source starwarsmodel.com

Weathering & detailing modelling techniques – more on space related weathering ^^

This write up will be more of a work in progress. Hope to add more stuff to this research hee as I dig out more from the web ^^. Research can be really fun haha.

Till the next post!


7 thoughts on “Exia repair – A weathering case study

  1. these are really great resources! love the dry brushing on the first Exia, nice to see your putting a great amount of effort into this ^_^b

    i didnt do much research as you but one thing i realized is that being true to the series there wasnt much guns with bullets. instead there were more plasma guns, so the impacts would have been a bit bigger and different in shape. but it really depends on how far you want to take this and at which stage of battle.

    i think i just got too excited to try out bullet holes for the first time and lost my train of thought ^^; good luck to you on this project, im looking forward to see your progress!

    • Heh thanks ^^. Just want to do my best possible for this kit, I think there are people out there who are probably looking out for the same thing as I so haha why not put them up here. Probably is my science back ground…

      But you were right on the bullets, most of them were plasma guns. The only time I could think of the enemy using bullets are the first few episodes where the fought the HRL tierens who were still using convectional bullets. Anyway I have 4 kits to build at the moment haha so i’ll file this up and use this when I am ready to start on that repair version. But i’ll still put a bit of bullet holes hehe.

      thanks for dropping by ^^

  2. Lol about that scene, I’ve always wondered how Setsuna managed to make his way back down to Earth. Can anyone survive the trip when the cockpit has been slashed open and is not useful in protecting its pilot?

    The Exia Repair done by gundam efsf is one of the best Exia Repairs I’ve seen. Good photography really complements well-done kits. =D The one by rockleelotus is really cool too. :O I like the idea of using burning incense – original, and very effective in making the bullet hole effects. ❤

    Can't wait to see what you'll come up with for Exia Repair! xD

    • Oh wait, I just rewatched the scene. XD; The cockpit wasn’t slashed open [that’s for Exia R2], but judging from the damage, the cockpit probably got affected too. Hm.

      • Haha, well nothing original from me, but probably I’ll like to do it like EFSF in terms of weathering and a bit of bullet holes ^^. Best of both worlds haha. Like you I am wondering how he ever got back and managed to repair exia in that kind of situation. ( involves first flying around to look for the damaged exia head, extensive repair to the torso and finding that cool looking cloak haha!).

  3. the good thing about building a gundam is that you can do it with your wildest imagination 😀 and the Exia repair is exactly the kit that gives you the opportunity to do that 😀
    Good luck on your research and your build ^^

    • Heh thanks for the comments ^-^. Thats what I love about building gundam, the only thing stopping you is your imagination! Will try out that oil wash I learned on your blog ^^

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