Gouf Ignited – Operation Dust storm! Phase 1


I had this snap fitted gouf ignited sitting on my desk for god knows how long…bought it for about SGD $15 only haha on one of those OG clearance sales. ^^ I like its updated look as a gouf and with the added flight pack it quite a looker hee. Here is my take on this classic kit so operation dust storm starto!

Lets deal with the seams first


Gouf121After sanding with 400 to 1000 grit ^^. Seam removed


Sometimes while sanding, the panel lines get sanded away..time for some rescribing


After rescribing ^^. Glad my experience on my O gundam was put to good use here


Blah…dull spikes…time for some sharpening hehe


Mr Hobby Mate Rotor ^^ comes with various changeable heads for various sanding jobs.

Gouf126Will be using this head for the job

Gouf127Clipped the spike to a crocodile clip and then use the rotor to sharpen ^^

Gouf128Now thats what I call a spike!

Gouf129Comparing with the original spike

Gouf130I don’t like the thick looking edeges of the leg armor


Using the rotor, I thinned the edges.

Gouf132I do a bit of modding for easier painting


Cut off the sides so that I can insert into the back

Gouf134It fits ^^

Gouf136Got this idea from Ngee Khiong haha. Origami is a useful skill

Well I had to wear a face mask while doing all this sanding….too much dust…don’t want it in my lungs hee.

Well my gf’s calling me!

Till the next post!


13 thoughts on “Gouf Ignited – Operation Dust storm! Phase 1

  1. you have so many tools for modding! like the changes you added so far. useful origami is useful ^^

    i just finished watching “Gundam 8th MS Team” my first UC series and i wasnt a fan of Zaku design till after watching that lol

    Gouf is updated version of Zaku? i havent watched Gundam SEED

    • Haha, actually I picked this thing up after watching other ppl use it. ^^ Hee glad you like the changes. Gundam 8th Ms team is one of my favorites! Shiro owns. The updated Zakus from the UC time line will be those from ZZ and Z series. Don’t really know their names though. One UC movie you must check out is Char’s Counter Attack, thats the best of all the movies I have seen from the Gundam series so far.

      • awesome i will check out that movie, so far Gundam 8th MS Team is my fav too! the UC stuff is gooood!

        any other series recommendation? ive only watched Wing, OO, and 8th MS so i am very noob 😛 oh yea i tried watching SEED Destiny but that was very hard to sit through >_<;; only saw a few episodes lol

  2. Good job man, are you using the cement to join the parts? i guess i should start some ‘test subject’ hehe.. (evil smile)

    too regret did get the HG kit from OG during the mid year sale.. sigh..

    • Yep I used Tamiya cement. But left the glue pieces about a day to dry b4 I sand. Wonder what your test subject will be haha! Don’t worry there is always the year end sale. If you are interested I saw HAG selling some of those 00 Hgs like enact and tieren for about $10.

      • Thanks. I just came back from there ^^. But I didn’t get anything though. Its almost the same stuff as the mid year one. On the other hand BHG at bugis is selling 1/144 tieren, enacts at $15. I saw the space tieren at $20. If you missed the display at the gundam fiesta dioramas it being displayed there currently ^^.

  3. ohh for those non gundam mobile suit kits in gundam 00 i.e. tieren, enacts etc…, HAG is having some cheap sale now.. $10 for HG 1/144 kits.. i jus bought one prototype AEG Enact! the one tt appeared on the first episode of 00… wooo.. waiting to be defeated by my EXIAA.. wahhahah.. =)

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