HGUC FA78-3 Gundam – OOB Phase 2!

HGUCFA783(2)01Decided to work on the shield and legs this afternoon ^^. The color separation is superb for this kit. Try painting the 1/144 exia’s shield… In addition the back of the shield has tons of details.. that also means lots of panel lining..

HGUCFA783(2)02I don’t like thick panel lines on my mechs, gives it too much of a cartoony look. So this is the initial panel lining done with my grey gundam marker. To thin it down I am going to use a tissue paper for cleaning up.


HGUCFA783(2)04Now thats much better ^^

Being a 1/144 kit, it comes with lots of stickers. But I don’t like putting stickers so instead I replace the stickers with my gundam markers.

HGUCFA783(2)06Using my ‘lao jiao’ (A hokkien slang for veteran) gundam gold marker

HGUCFA783(2)05Some minor detailing for the leg connector.



HGUCFA783(2)12Followed by the grey parts with grey gundam marker




HGUCFA783(2)14Well thats a wrap for today ^^. This kits’ legs requires quite a fair bit of painting to get it right.

Well time for that after noon nap hee

Till the next post!


8 thoughts on “HGUC FA78-3 Gundam – OOB Phase 2!

  1. Hi,
    I recently stumbled upon your blog from NK. I was wondering if you could help me because I’ve been thinking of getting one of the Real Touch markers but I see 3 different versions for grey. Which is the one you’re mainly using for panel lining on the MG Exia and other kits? And whats the main difference between them?

    • Hi ezero8, thanks for dropping by. These are the grey gundam markers that I am using click on the link to see

      the one at the top is the water based gundam marker
      the one at the middle is the real touch marker which is used for my MG Exia ^^. Its GM401 – 200
      the third one is normal grey gundam paint marker which is used for my HGUC FA gundam
      the fourth one is the lacquer base gundam marker. Personally I won’t use the water base gundam markers…the tips frail too easily.

      Hope it helps ^^

  2. My order arrived not too long ago. I ended up ordering the BB Sangokuden set and a Real Touch Gray 1. They were just what I was looking for. Thank you for the help!

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