HGUC FA 78-3 Gundam – OOB Phase 1

I have this habit of working in between kits from time to time. Usually if i get stuck building something difficult I’ll whip out some 1/144 scale kits to work with and this time round I want the challenge of making something straight out of the box as good as possible using just simple tools, no spray paint or whatsoever complicated stuff ^^. Just something easy and OOB (out of the box for short) for this weekend haha.

HGUCFA783(1)01I picked up this awesome looking HGUC kit from the recent fiesta ^^ for a cool $26. It base from the recent gundam senki game. Hopefully they will release its full armored version with the add on back packs ^^.

HGUCFA783(1)02Now for some nub clearing…

HGUCFA783(1)03Sanded with 400 grit followed by 600 grit sandpaper

HGUCFA783(1)04After sanding with 1000 grit sandpaper, note the higher the grit, the smoother the finish ^^. Always start from lowest grit to highest.

HGUCFA783(1)05After polishing with compound ^^. The white that is you see is a reflection of the surface. Nubs gone

HGUCFA783(1)08Now I am gonna detail the head.

HGUCFA783(1)09Red metallic gundam marker

HGUCFA783(1)10Use the tip and color the inside of the sensor. I leave it to dry for about ten minutes

HGUCFA783(1)14After scrapping off the excess with an art knife. Just gently go over the excess paint.

HGUCFA783(1)11I cut off the excess plastic behind the fins.

HGUCFA783(1)12Still need some more sharpening

HGUCFA783(1)13Wrap the sandpaper on your ice cream stick ^^. Provides a nice flat surface for sanding the fins.

HGUCFA783(1)15Painted the sides of the face with neutral grey gundam marker.

HGUCFA783(1)17Its a little bit too messy…

HGUCFA783(1)18Use this to trace the lines to touch up ^^ plus a bit of scrapping with art knife.

HGUCFA783(1)19Now thats more like it ^^

HGUCFA783(1)06Instead of just using black for the panel lines, I decided at add a bit more color.

Top, grey real touch marker for panel lining the white parts. In the middle we have the sakura micron black pen for the blue parts. At the bottom, brown gundam marker for the yellow parts ^^

HGUCFA783(1)07After the panel lining. ^^ Now add in some more details with my silver gundam marker


HGUCFA783(1)23I like adding that small touch of metalic silver on some of the minor details ^^

HGUCFA783(1)25Well thats all for the night ^^. Will continue this guy tml hee

Anyway just some thoughts as I was building the FA 78-3, this has got to be one of the best HGUC I have ever had. The details are plenty (yea no need for mods ^^), articulation similar to HG 1/144 O gundam, awesome color separation (no mods needed for painting either) and the seamlines are put in areas which can be tackled easily. I’ll probably write a bit more on this till I finish this guy ^^

Till the next post!


2 thoughts on “HGUC FA 78-3 Gundam – OOB Phase 1

  1. nice looking gundam, adding all those little touch ups make a big difference. after seeing all your gunpla im tempted to get a few 1/144 kits now lol

    these are good tips for me as i can only build OOB, no paint experience ^^;

    • Heh thanks ^^. In fact most of my kits are OOB at the moment, sometimes I get a bit too lazy to paint haha. Come join the darkside, the 1/144s are waiting…

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