Astray Red Frame Wip Phase 3 – Major surgery..

Now for the past few days I have been thinking out how to give the legs a similiar look to the PG red frame. I initially thought of sanding down the whole knee cap armor to a more angular look. But after an initial attempt I realized that I had 2 problems….lots of time spend on sanding and getting the other leg to look the same… So I said screw that I decided on some major surgery…

Now for the tools


For major cutting I'll be using the tamiya saw ^^


For some of the smaller portions, I'll use my tri tool ^^

Astraywip302After the surgery. The most crucial part is the middle piece which I will attach the pla plates.At this point there is no turning back…hope my pla plating will work…

Astraywip304Cut to shape and sanding the edges a bit. Took about a good hour to get the shape right…

Astraywip305Yes it fits ^^. Need some trimming of the edges though.

Astraywip306Comparing with the original leg on the green astray. Will definitely add more details to the knee cap later.


Well just a little update ^^. Got to spend some time with my gf haha.

Till the next post!


6 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame Wip Phase 3 – Major surgery..

  1. o0o0o surgery and transplants! looking forward to see how this will turn out. also my order for Wing Zero just shipped out, and i got some pla plates to try this stuff out too… should have purchased one of those tri-tool and saw >_<

    go spend time with your gf!!!! or get her into gunpla and all will work out ^_^

    • Nice ^^. Looking forward to Wing Zero. Its a nice change from Gundam OO. Its impossible to get her into gunpla haha but at least she strongly supports my hobby. She even got me a 1/144 Hg Reborns Gundam last nite ^^.

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