Gunpla class in session…

BP01My recent haul from the Gundam Fiesta not only included my own ^^ but I also got 1 kit each for my adorable cousins Bowie and Erica ^^.  Bandai has made these 2 very happy. For Bowie I got the recently launched O gundam with the GN wings, for Erica I got the SD Strike Noir.


Lol! Love this funny shot.

Both of them are quite eager to start. Erica is still quite new on this so I started a little gunpla session with her. Onward to the class!

BP03Trimming the nubs…Erica be careful…


Plucking out the rubber parts. Easy job for her

BP06Detailing with the gundam marker ^^

Well looks like i’ll be busy with their kits this week ^^. Glad that my cousins are loving this hobby as much as I do.

Till the next post!


13 thoughts on “Gunpla class in session…

  1. Awesome choices!! I’m especially digging the O Gundam – when photos were up on gunpla blogs, I wasn’t impressed by the GN wings effect at first [thought the colour was too dark], but when I saw it on display at the Fiesta personally, I really fell in love with the kit. XD Seriously considering getting it now. TT__TT more damage.

    It’s great that your cousins enjoy the hobby – more people to build gunpla with. Sometimes, I wish I had friends whom I could build kits with. As much as I like working at my own pace, it feels kind of lonely building by myself. xD

    • Haha thanks. I am tempted to borrow my cousin’s gn wings to shoot with my own O gundam ^^. Its really nice up close.

      Yeah building by yourself can be quite lonely. Thats why I started this blog to share ^^, I am able to do at my own pace and post pictures,
      somehow I actually build faster after starting the blog haha. It a really nice feeling with people comment and sharing thoughts on gunpla.
      Kinda spurs me to do better builds too ^_^.

  2. lol! nice.. INFECT THOSE INNOCENT MINDS!!!! XD oh.. so wads your haul at the fiesta? i jus went there today again.. to take some photos and the VS speed building.. haha.. ya.. i registered myself.. and got a free FG Kyrios.. hahahaha.. tho i din managed to win. T.T well.. i think i’ll post the photos up soon.. so many post to do.. so little time..

    • Woah congrats! I so far only gotton a gundam 7th unit. Now waiting for reborns gundam to come out ^^. That will complete my haul for the month.
      Looking forward to your pictures later!

  3. Good lord!!! He’s corrupting the young!! Someone must save them before they go too far down the path to be saved (prob around the time they do a MG (I actally started with those so i was beyond redemption before i even started!)

  4. I have O Gundam but the Robot Tamashii one… don’t have the model kit… other than 00 Gundam I think 0 Gundam is my second most favorite Gundam.. damn simple but classic design amongst the more modern design of the 4 heroes….

    But i personally love the one with classic color (blue/white/red)

    Maybe in the future I should get the HG 1/144 kits at least for this 0 Gundam..

    • Yep its a classic ^^. This one with the GN wings or feathers as they officially name it is a nice addition for the O gundam. Wished I had gotton this version instead of the regular one haha.

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