Gundam Fiesta 2009

This is the first time Singapore had its own Gundam Fiesta ^^ and luckily its located near where I stay haha. I definitely can’t pass this up for some snaps of other pro modellers works. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking instead of me haha.

GundamFiesta01Cameo appearance by Strike Freedom. He also made an appearance in this year’s STGCC ^^ Very nice!

GundamFiesta11Diorama done by Hobby Art Gallery…very inspired to get started on dioramas to display my SDs like that!


Wonder where they are marching to…


Guan Yu!


Zhang Fei looking menacingly from the hill top

GundamFiesta06 Meng huo & Liu Bei Gundam

GundamFiesta07Zhao Yun setting off the boulder attack on the soldiers.


GundamFiesta10Awesome Koumei Nu Gundam

GundamFiesta52I really love making forest dioramas such as these one day, really brings your model kits to life!


GundamFiesta23Awesome conversion kits…..



GundamFiesta12Time for some celestial beings butt kicking..and these are no ordinary enacts, tieren’s and flags. Courtesy of our very on SG Plamo!






GundamFiesta20I so want that cannon!

GundamFiesta21Love the rocket effects!

Will post up the rest of the photos tommorrow ^^. Man its a good day for Singapore plamo scene. Just some after thoughts. I heard from many ppl complaining the scale of this fiesta to be quite small. But as for me its really a great start at introducing gundam to the general public and telling ppl out there that gundams are more than toys. For larger pictures and more pictures it can be found at here ^^

Till the next post!

10 thoughts on “Gundam Fiesta 2009

  1. hey chubbs! haha.. nice posts here!! you actually got all the missing photos in my post! hahaha.. parts where SD gundams are not covered.. haha.. nice photos too..

    and yes.. my soul left my body when i saw those 1/100 Sangokuden Gundams… XD i wun be surprised if they’re MG too.. Bandai shld be smart enuff to milk us out of Sangokuden MG gundams.. i know i would buy or collect a set of them EVEN THO i dunno anything abt them.. the traditions of samurai is too much to give it a pass…. haha. (^^)”

    • Haha, actually I prefer the SD version instead of the big versions, somehow the smaller version look better ^^. I still have other photos but haven’t upload them yet hee. The only samurai style MG that they did was Shin Musha Gundam and its very good ^^. Hopefully they might consider doing one from the Sangokuden in the future!

    • Oh well never the gundam girls… at least I have your Yoko to see haha ^^ I got some materials actually for a little diorama I plan to try out, hee will post it up if its successful.

  2. Haha I’m going to the Fiesta tomorrow! Were there a lot of people when you went?

    Also, I’ll admit that I was expecting something bigger, but hey, a Gundam Fiesta is better than no event at all. XD I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibitions and everything tomorrow.

    • i went there on the first day….it was very pack because a lot of people were rushing to get the chrome version of RX 78 lol. By the time I want to buy it was sold out…. but nevertheless I am still happy that we have a fiesta in Singapore! Hopefully a bigger one next year ^^. Enjoy your trip.

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