Hmm Geno Saurer WIP Phase 1!

Genosaurer01Taking a break from my gundam build I decided to start on my HMM Geno Saurer…. this is one bad assed zoid that I bought a few months back at $89 SGD from Latendo. A very good price for a rare Hmm Zoid. Fell in love with this kit when I first saw others displaying online. This is the highend master model or HMM for short by kotobukiya. I previously build a saber tiger from this line an I am very impressed with this series details but also posing capabilities. But with all these details comes with lots of loose joints. I hope to iron out these issues here and also I’ll be flat coating and try experimenting dry brushing with different kinds of paint. ^^



Very detailed art work in the manual. Love looking at these sketches ^^

Genosaurer04OMG! So many parts just for half a head….

Genosaurer05One word of advice, sort out which sprues you are using first. Less time spend on finding the right sprues and more time for doing the actual model ^^

Now to use the ‘ Magic finger technique’ on the nubs ^^









This will help to make the eyes glow under the light ^^.



Well thats all for the night ^^ So much work just for a head and half a neck…can’t imagine the body..

Stay tune!

Till the next post!


15 thoughts on “Hmm Geno Saurer WIP Phase 1!

  1. hey.. nice start there.. as usual.. you’ve alr started modding your parts.. nice. haha.. wanna ask where did you get your chrome silver gundam marker?? i have been searching high and low for it at diff hobby shops but to no vail.. i realli wanna buy it man.. where where?? thanks again… haha..

    • Heh thanks. I got the silver marker from Hobby Point Kovan Heartland Mall. Its on the second floor. Can’t miss it ^^. So hows the trip to the Gundam Fiesta? I am heading there tml.

    • KOVANNNNN DATTOOOO?!?!?!??! haha.. sorrie.. super far la!! no wonder i cannot find.. i have been searching ard the central areas.. okays.. i will have to fly there to get it le… mite as well get a few stuffs when im there.. my primer finish very fast man… subconsciously trying to coat them in a solid grey colour… hmmm not good rite..

      ohh well i did went for Gundam Fiesta ytd.. took alot of photos.. maybe starting a blog to upload them up… but going back again for the activity session… hahahaha.. they do allow adults!! jus tt its at nite.. im going to register me and my gf.. hahaha. she can learn how to build FG models. you can check it out… As for the Fiesta itself.. i feel tt its a good first attempt for singapore to start its Gundam Love.. haha.. im quite happy tho its still small.. Happy becos there IS a start… maybe next time less commericalising the Gundam kits.. haha. you can tell tt the stall is as big as the exhibition itself.. so.. still quite excited after going.. stayed for quite awhile drooling at the kits there.. REALLI NICE. especially the MG Grade Sangoku Gundams.. i think its FULLY Customised. Full salute man. So.. i hope you’ll enjoy yourself there too… snap lotsa photos and let us see… maybe i mite walk pass you without knowing during Kawaguchi sensei’s session.. hahaha… cheers!

      • They have another branch at tiong bahru plaza ^^ just in case. I think the sangokuden gundam marker set should have a silver also. Look forward to your blog and pictures dude. Haha good to have your GF build together with you. I’ll put my pictures up later after visiting. ^^ Cheers

  2. ya.. i went to TB there too.. but they dun have.. TT . TT so.. if kovan confirm have… i will have to go there lo.. haha.. bo bian. oh.. the sangokuden marker does have a silver.. i got it.. but its not the chrome one.. like shiny shiny.. i realli like this chrome colour.. very suitable for those hydraulic pumps… haha.. okays.. looking forward to your photos lata. ^^.

    • ah even they don’t have hmm…if not you can try Mr Hobby Chrome Silver Paint, equally shiny ^^. But its a lacquer paint so you need to Mr hobby thinner to go with it.

      • hey! pOng here.. jus that i’ve changed my nick frm now on.. and i’ve started my new blog alr.. think you can click on my name to go visit.. haha.. hope you like it! oh.. abt the mr hobby chrome paint.. maybe i’ll try it if realli dun have the marker… cos now.. im still quite confused abt which cant be painted over which.. scared i make mistake.. maybe i’ll put up a update on my RX-78 on my blog.. den you can see.. haha.. cheers!

        • Heh your site really nice ^^! Congrats on starting. looking forward to your Rx78 post! Don’t think I took as much pictures as you did for the fiesta haha! Added ya to my blogroll cheers!

          • thanks alot! jus using the templates provided… haha.. oh sure! hope i can post them soon.. need to finish some work before i can continue.. ^^. i primed the upper half of the body alr.. so maybe i’ll start WIP frm there.. so many things to upload to my blog!! lol… cheers!

  3. Oh man, this brings back so many memories. XDDD I love Zoids, and Genosaurer is one of my favourites. I love the level of detail in the HMM line, but I don’t have space for any more. xD
    I built a couple of Zoid models myself, but they’re from Tomy, so they’re not as detailed. Still, I can kind of relate to the amount of work needed to assemble one Zoid model. xD”;
    Can’t wait to see more progress shots too. All the best with building it! 🙂 I’m sure it’s going to turn out beautiful.

    • Haha thanks for the encouragement ^^ will do my best for this kit! This is also one of my favourites hee ^^ But the Tomy ones you can wind em up and walk. Retro toys got to love em.

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