1/100 Astray Red Frame Wip Phase 2!

Came back from the gundam fiesta at Compassvale today, saw MG Blue frame 2L prototype on display…very inspiring…so hee I set to work a bit on my astray for the night.

Now for a simple mobility mod…



I added some pla plates to the leg joint. This will help to widen the space between the leg joints. I sanded the edges to make it round after letting the cement dry.


Now for a bit of pla plating at the forearm amour with some detailing ^^







I also used dymo take as a scribing template ^^ forgot to include pictures for that ..


Now for a little bit for kit bashing…






Stay tune for more updates ^^

Till the next post!


8 thoughts on “1/100 Astray Red Frame Wip Phase 2!

  1. yo! supps… nice work you’ve done there! i like how you are modding your kits more den the normal painting process.. i guess tt is the next level to go for me.. haha.. im still learning how to paint properly with spray cans.. and looking at your posts realli taught me a number of useful tips!! it feels very doable.. haha.. tt’s after i managed to save up to buy a scriber..

    would like to ask abt the compass point trip!! how was it?? im thinking of going down too.. maybe on friday cos of more activities… but seems like you alr learnt a few tips on the first day!! is it frm the children workshop?? or are there pple doing up models… haha.. i dun think big kids are allowed rite.. XD let me noe!! thanks alot!! =)

    • Just take it step by step and enjoy the process haha ^^. Happy that you picked up something from my post. I learn a lot mainly from reading forums at bakuc and plamo and it kinda like giving back in return by sharing your work with ppl^^. You should check these sites out.

      You should check on those days where kawaguchi sensei is coming. He is really the master! As for the children’s workshop they are just assembling FG dynames. ^^ Adults like us are not allowed haha…

      Enjoy your trip this friday!

    • Heh thanks for dropping by! I actually found this at a cosmetic store ^^. Heard it was used to ‘poke’ pimples….not really sure of its function though. It was just pack in a clear plastic cover without any brand haha.. ^^. If i pass by that store i’ll check it out again and let you know.

    • Nope so far they fit just nicely haha ^^. But it actually affected the movement to the front, so I had to trim some of the leg armor. However on hindsight it actually exposes more of the crotch area so I got to plan for some detailing at that area haha. Well nothing ventured nothing gain 😉

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