Mg Exia – Completed ^^

MG-Exia02The best part I love about building models is taking pictures of em^^. Took these  just after coming back from work. Nice warm evening sun and a cool breeze, perfect moment to capture pictures.


GN Sword!





Time for some sword throwing







Some air poses














Looks like the sun is setting….

Till the next post!


18 thoughts on “Mg Exia – Completed ^^

  1. your Exia looks awesome! great shots, especially like the first 2 and ones of him throwing the beam daggers ^^

    the last pic is awesome too, the sunset reflecting off the GN sword makes it look gold!

    • @ rockleelotus Thanks! After looking at the dagger shots again felt the angle was a bit off actually haha. Anyway I uploaded the bigger pics on my web album, just included a link on my blog ^^. I was quite lucky for the last shot ^^. Call it camera moment.

    • @ Gundamjehutykai Heh thanks ^^. Actually the legs are very posable, no problem with crouching on 1 knee and sitting but the ankles are pretty weak and my Exia has this tendency to lean forward and topple…. Its best to pose him with an action base. Other than that this is one great kit.

  2. Nice looking Exia you have there. Did you paint the Exia or is it OOB with flat top coat like Z? Was planning to get one as well and top coat it but I’ve never coated any of my kits. Planning to go for a Mr Hobby flat topcoat. Are there any advices for applying topcoats?

    • Heh thanks! It is build OOB and flat coated similiar to Z. The only thing I painted was the GN sword cos my version is just the regular one. For flatcoat the most important thing is to do it on a warm and sunny day. Helps against your kits frosting. I left my Exia to cure for about a day before touching him ^^ Cheers

  3. Thanks for the reply. Should I split up the parts ( like take out the legs and arms) before spraying them? I think that would give me better topcoat coverage but I’m worried that it might get uneven. Do you think I should split them up or just spray the whole thing together after taking out the clear parts first? What’s the distance should I coat them from approximately? Sorry for asking so much I’m just kinda paranoid over ruining a MG kit xD

    • Haha don’t worry mate ^^ I am like yourself once. I removed the armors first and flat coated the internals. After that I put back the armor less the clear parts and top coated. I separated into the main six parts, head, body, 2 legs and 2 arms and then sprayed individually. Just spray about 20 to 30 cm away lightly. Let it dry for about 10 to 15 mins before you spray the next coat. About two coats should be more then enough ^^. My suggestion is that you try on a scrap piece before trying it out on your MG. You can use your left over sprues for that. Hope it helps. Cheers ^^

    • Heh thanks, glad you like it ^^. The MG Exia is really a nice kit to have. As for the lining I used sakura micron pen for lining the blue, grey and red parts. Gundam grey marker for the white parts hehe. Clean up with tissue to thin down the lines. Don’t like them thick haha. You can check out my WIP page for the panel lining.

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