XN RAISER – Its here!


I dropped by Kinokuniya at Bugis to grab my hands on the much anticipated XN Raiser. Luckily I had a discount from my membership but still $28…..


Can combine with O raiser to form an even more uber ship


Docks with gundam OO, his upgrades are endless..


The instructions are found inside Hobby Japan. Also depicts the various combinations it can with the other main mechs ^^


Simliar to the previous GN Serfer, all parts molded in white


The main highlight ^^ GN sword III


XN Raiser assembled! Now time for some action..


Xn O Gundam! Took out the GN drive which allows the Xn Raiser to be attached to the back




Love the Gn swords...



Time for some air poses



Gn Sword III combined.



Reminds me of gundam 00 seven swords..


Love this particular shot


Can’t wait to paint my Xn Raiser and test it out on others.

Till the next post!


27 thoughts on “XN RAISER – Its here!

  1. Since I’m a noob in modding and i still don’t have the skills; i think i’m just gonna leave it that way (and avoiding damaging it as well) anyway, thanks for the comment ^^ … And you rock in building plamo … Are you Singaporean?

    • Heh no problem. Yep I am Singaporean. I am no better in modding actually haha, haven’t even settled my O gundam’s gun and SD kit bash! As long as you are happy just leave it that way ^^.

  2. Can I add you to my blogroll? so that i can keep myself up to date? … really need to learn more skills on building kits … still have MG Exia to finish ^^

    • I actually prefer the 1/144 kits for the double O series, more gimmicks ^^ such as these. Anyway if the painting doesn’t work out you can always do battle damage haha!

    • 28 is for membership price. You might want to call kinokuniya directly and reserve. When I bought mine there were only 5 copies left. Cheers ^^.

  3. how much for nonmember price?
    any other store besides kinokuniya?
    i’m indonesian, pre order hobbyjapan magz is around Rp 275000 here or almost sgd40. more expensive. so, i thought to buy in singapore since my friend want to going to singapore by this weekend.

    • For the non member price is about $36. But sad to say mainly Kinokuniya will have this mag. You can ask your friend check to help you check out this other store at sunshine plaza. They also carry hobby japan mags. But not too sure of their stock at this point.

      Ani play
      91 BENCOOLEN ST #01-46 SINGAPORE 189652
      (MON – WED, FRI, SAT) 1PM – 8PM
      SUNDAY 1PM – 7PM

      Hope this helps ^^

    • you can also buy it frm China Square Central. there’s a few shops there selling mags. i got mine frm there.. there’s two shops selling.. Toys&Toys.com, 1st floor and Ng’s Collection 2nd floor. The latter is slightly cheaper but you usually have to pre-order from them. Cos they dun wanna keep too much stock. onli sell the amount that they need. i got mine at $28 dollars too.. haha sorrie chubbs.. they oso sell the mag and kit separately too. $20 for mag and $20 for kit, $28 when bought tgt. BUT i think at this time.. its no more alr. or i can check for you if you REALLY wan.

      on the other note.. i usually buy my jap mags frm Ng’s collection.. Dengeki and Hobby Japan. cos they are much cheaper compared to Kinokuniya.. usual issue is $17-$20 compared to usual $24 at kino.. yups.. =D

      • Ohz cool, I’ll check out that place next time ^^. Anyway if you have kino membership the price is the same as you mentioned πŸ™‚ But it is always good to look for other places hehe ^^. Thanks for the tip Ren!

      • I am REALLY REALLY want the mags + xn raiser.
        I am newbie and just realize that XN raiser is bundled with with the magazine.
        Could you help check for me?
        Today I go to Kinokuniya at Takasimaya Orchad.
        the mag is sold out X_X

        • Hi there, you can check the comments made earlier by Ren, he got his at quite a reasonable price at the shops in China Sq Central. ^^ If not Plaza Singapura shopping center has the XN raiser also but it will be expensive. Try looking at the shops at the upper most level.

          • Yes this afternoon I go to China Sq Central.
            Both of the shops mentioned by Ren are out of stock.
            My only choice is a shop in plaza singapura which sell only the xn kit without magazine for 39$.

            Hmm, I will think hard whether buy or not -_-

            • ah sorry to hear that. To be honest XN raiser is not really worth getting at $39 without the mag. The magazine itself contains the instructions for fixing the xn raiser. Hope you can find it at a better price elsewhere πŸ˜‰

  4. hey man wat r u going to use to paint ur xn raiser with cos i used standard 00 markers with mine………and they look crap

    i was wondering on what u used on ur 0 gundam as well cos the color scheme looks a bit brighter and goldier

    pls tell me what u used:)

    • Hi adzos, i’ll be spray painting my xn raiser but after some mods which I plan to do :D. Gundam markers not so suitable for large areas.

      As for my O gundam the colors are used are as follows:-

      Blue : Brilliant Blue from Tamiya
      Gold : Base color gloss black followed by tamiya gold

      You can look through my work in progress for my O gundam, I remember putting up pictures on the paint job ^^.

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