MG Exia WIP – Final Phase!


Love the blue matt colour after the flat top coat.


GN Sword. Really like the stickers that came with the kit ^^. After the top coat the sticker lines are less visible


Some final touches with my metalic green marker.



Now thats more like it ^^.


Exia assembled.

Can’t wait to take more shots of him this weekend ^^. So many poses I want to try out to bring out the best in this guy. Well till the next post!

Just a little action shot … (sorry can’t resist!)


Glad I did that finger mod ^^. I love this shot haha..

4 thoughts on “MG Exia WIP – Final Phase!

  1. Nice, can’t wait to see more posing picture XD

    Want to ask something, the silver Mettalic which brand you using? Cause i try Pilot Silver marker, not really dry on the plastic. if you touch it, the paint will stick on your finger.

    • For small parts and the armor internals I use Mr Hobby Chrome Silver ^^. For the sword it was actually spray painted. You actually need a base coat like gloss black for the sliver paint to stick. Metallic paints will not stick well on bare plastic thats why if you touch it , it will rub off on your hands. Hope that helps ^^.

  2. clean build, very awesome to see him finished! looking forward to the photoshoot ^^

    did you apply a flat coat, put the decals, then another coat on top of that? also any way to link to bigger pics once you do the photoshoot? would be nice to see all the little details ^^

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