My next project – Astray Red and Green Frame

DSC01850Probably you guys know already Bandai is releasing an MG blue frame!! So it kinda got me in the mood to do my own astray and take a break from the double O line. I already primed my green frame ^^ hee and snapped fitted my red frame. Just a little secret the green frame actually comes bundled with another gebera straight ^^. So with that in mine I decided to all some details inspired by the PG red frame and also from Keita’s work.


You can never say no to two gebera straight ^^


1/100 Astray Green Frame primed and ready ^^. Just sharpened the V fin. Gwad I love the look of primed kits..

Well thats all for today…very tired from work but I am looking forward to working on these guys this weekend. Astray fever! Anyway I finished decalling my MG Exia so will be looking forward to a sunny day to give him that top coat and photo shoot. So many things so little time.

Til the next post!


2 thoughts on “My next project – Astray Red and Green Frame

  1. wow you have a lot of projects going on. lol Astray fever! been considering getting Astray Gold Frame Amatsu myself.

    primed kits look awesome but i dont have paint skills to be doing that anytime soon. at least i can enjoy your work, keep it up ^_^b also looking forward to your Exia photoshoot.

    • Heh thanks! Think maybe you can consider getting the MG 2L blueframe also. The prototype kit is already out and its quite impressive ^^. The Gold Frame Amatsu is quite a looker too, black armor and gold internals can never go wrong.

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