O gundam completed!- minus the mini gun…

Well I decided to skip the metal decals after failing to get em to stick argh!! and also I’ll leave out the gun for this photoshoot hee… This time round I’ll try to use a black background instead of the regular white. Hopefully can help to contrast the metalic I used from my joints. This was shot outside my house, love the natural sunlight ^^.

O gundam501

O gundam with his shield and 2 packs that he can swap with. Not much gimmicks ^^;

O gundam502

Loved how the blue turned out after the flat coat ^^

O gundam503

O gundam504

The sharpen V fins and side fins are really worth it ^^. Gives the O Gundam a more menacing look

O gundam506

With the battery pack

O gundam507

Original GN Drive stolen from gundam 00 ^^

O gundam505

I think a first for HG's, action base can be inserted via the ass erm I mean back..

O gundam508

Awesome articulation of the arms, they are able to reach out and grab the beam handle.

O gundam509

Love the design of the shield handle

O gundam510

Time for some action poses!

O gundam511

O gundam512

O gundam517

O gundam518

The legs articualtion are one of the best I have seen for HGs

O gundam513

O gundam514

Seperating the skirts allowed the right leg to bend up even furthur ^^

O gundam515

O gundam516

Well that was all I could take before my batteries ran flat ^^. This is really one great kit everyone should get. Great simple looks, amazing articulation. The beauty of this kit is in its simplicity and its a worth redesign of the RX 78. Hopefully they can come out an Mg version of this in the future haha.

Well one last picture

O gundam519

If he had this in the last fight, Exia is toast...

Hope you guys like it ^^. Till the next post!


15 thoughts on “O gundam completed!- minus the mini gun…

  1. That’s a nice painting job u did there… I really envy you… I got many Gundam in my collections… but none is painted simply because I’m too clumsy for it and lack of patience to try it as well…

    O Gundam is indeed nice…. my favorite in the anime apart from 00 Gundam. I don’t have the 1/144 HG kit yet but I have 1 from the Robot Tamashii series – my first toy from Robot Tamashii series in fact… maybe next time I shall get the 1/144 HG kit for 0 Gundam as well…

    • Heh thanks David! Glad you like it.

      I think its how much you ask of yourself for your model kits. I have friends who are just as happy with snap fitted and panel lined kits ^^.

      Anyway like you I loved the design of the O gundam from the OO series. My other favourite was Exia ^_^. Anyway thats one scary snake from your trip.

      • Of coz I like 0 Gundam.. .that’s the only Gundam designed by the master Kunio Okawara in the Gundam 00 anime. The rest of the Gundam and mechas are design by other (and probably young and new) mecha designer…. this 0 Gundam is the one and only designed by the veteran and that is why it has this classic look all over him… fall in love with it the moment I saw it on TV… all the while during the anime we see modern design Gundams and out of no where suddenly one with classic look appear… that is something awesome…

        • Its definitely a worthy successor to RX 78 ^^. Its beauty is in its simplicity. Building this guy makes me want to start on my 30th anniversary RX78 haha!

  2. Your skill at “Building” Gundam kits is really great stuff and I love this kit, however, (and I hope you don’t mind), I feel your painting is quite thick. Do you own an airbrush or do you use cans? I can see great skill in the build but the thick paint hides some of that skill (and time) you have spent geting rid of seam lines and coustimizing your kits.

    Keep up the good work though :).

    • Hmm thick you mean, never thought of it as thick haha ^^ This was done entirely with spray cans perhaps that is why it might seem thick. I was still able to do the panel lines so not thick to me actually 🙂 I do have an airbrush but will only use it when I move in to my new place in May ^^. Thanks for the compliments for the building!

      By the way wanna exchange links ^^

  3. Ahh! I never knew you completed this >.<
    Simple but nice 😀
    How did you do the panel on the blue parts on the chest?

    btw where is the gun chubb?

    • Lol! This was my last year’s work man haha!!! The panel line was done using a combination of chiesel and my using panel lining tools. Oh the gun was screwed after a certain wrong cut…..so lol….that is why minus the mini gun 😛 Btw when will you be back in Singapore?

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