My hoot of the day…

Came back from ACME 2009 held at NAFA opposite Sunshine plaza and I got really good grabs from Hobby Arts Gallery booth. ^^


Left: Mg Gouf Ver 2.0 , Middle : Exia bling bling mode Right : Gadess


Awesome price of SGD $38


SGD $26 bought direct from HAG shop


SGD $66!!!

Also got some metalic decals ^^. Probably might add them to my O gundam. Man today’s a good day..


17 thoughts on “My hoot of the day…

    • I was very lucky, the sets ran out pretty fast and I managed to get the gouf and the exia before it ran out. I’ll post a seperate one on the metallic decals ^^. Will try it on my O gundam later.

  1. Ugh, I don’t want to think about how much I paid for my ignition mode, esp with shipping and customs. Wasn’t bad, but was far from great.

    It’s even worse in conventions in the UK. Sellers often take the chance to hike prices UP!!!

    • Even here the prices are really high for ignition mode exia…$130 plus at some departments stores, luckily this event came along.

  2. Oh man, they were selling Gaddess!! I couldn’t go because I had classes that day ): Great stuff though. ;D Didn’t get Unicorn Titanium? [I wanted to get either Titanium or Gaddess, but I gotta watch my budget…]

    • I already had the regular one ^^. I don’t like metallic pieces cos when you cut them from the sprues they leave a mark. I got Gaddess direct from HAG after ACME actually. They should have some more stock there. After this i won’t be buying much except for the MG astray blue frame coming up and 1/144 reborns gundam hee..

    • Yep dude ^^. But its only a special price for that event only and limited stock. After that it will be back to the regular price.

  3. sorrie noob question but.. wad is the ACME event abt? i would realli like to noe abt gunpla or kits having sale tt’s coming along… (although ACME has past.. TT . TT )

    thanks in advance guys.. =)

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