MG Exia WIP Phase 3!

After giving my internal parts a nice coat of flat I started on the dry brushing ^^. For those who are not familiar its dabbing your brush in paint, cleaning most of it off and then brushing against the edges to create a nice texture. I’ll try that out on my MG Exia today ^^.


I'll be using Mr Hobby Chrome silver. Before using remember to stir well. This is especially for metalic paints and the metalic pigments tend to settle at the bottom.


Dab the paint brush in the bottle. Suck up a bit of paint and wipe of excess on a tissue paper


My exia's internal shield part. The flat coat already giving it a nice looking grey. Lets make it better ^^.


After dry brushing against the edges and raised areas ^^. Now it looks more like a metallic frame


Remember to mask areas that you want to avoid dry brushing ^^.


Gives the hand a nice touch!



Well that is all for today ^^.

Till the next post!


24 thoughts on “MG Exia WIP Phase 3!

  1. i like this effect! makes the plastic look “heavy” just like real metal plate. do you know if this effect will work without the flat coat? i dont have any coating sprays and think the normal surface looks too smooth.

    cant wait to see the next phase ^^

    • heh thanks! Its best to have a flat coat. If the surface is too smooth it will look like a brush stroke instead ^^ you might end up painting the whole surface silver.

    • Haha sure thing. SDs Gelgoog is really a classic little SD. Kind of like a daughter for your Gelgoog family ^^ I have an SD Zaku but my gf took it hee.

  2. can you teach me all about painting?? i’m a real newbie at painting.. i just looked at your exia’s work and i was thinking on making the inner frame just like that except i have no idea how… i don’t even know what masking, dry brushing, or flatcoat is.. would you mind to help me?

  3. thanks fod the links… it’s very useful.. and i think i’m going to try it soon…
    but, i still don’t know how you manage to paint you exia’s inner frame like that.. when i try to paint my other gunpla some time ago, it came our very glossy and looked like a very cheap toy.. very ugly… T.T
    u paint it without airbrush right?

    • My Exia wasn’t painted actually ^^. The only thing that had paint was the internals and the GN swords. All I did was give it 2 layers of Mr Hobby Lacquer flat coat. For the internals, you will need to flat coat it first before your dry brushing to get the effect that I have here. Try google on dry brushing, there are tons of info out there that will explain more clearly than me. Cheers!

    • Haha thanks thanks. Hmm I might do a separate one just on dry brushing ^^ now that you mention it haha. Actually my posts are just documenting how I do my stuff, now I know they are more like tutorial ^_^.

    • i think this one its best you search online ^^ under dry brushing. Youtube should have some videos on drybrushing if I remember. It will be more clearer than mine ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I see you said you use Mr. hobby lacquer flat? I use testors dullcote but when I panel line before I spray a mist coat it makes it bleed and when if i spray a coat on let it dry then panel line the gundam marker really doesnt work.
    Does Mr.Hobby flat do the same?

  5. Hmm what did you use for the panel lines? I used a sakura micron pen and gundam markers for the panel lines mainly. Let it dry about a day before I sprayed my flat coat. I so far haven’t encountered any bleeding before for my panel lines using Mr Hobby though. Further more you are mist coating so shouldn’t have caused the bleeding unless you sprayed too close. If you had used acrylics for the panel lines and you sprayed a lacquer base coat it will cause it to bleed.

    As for your second question I am assuming you used a flat coat. Use a gloss coat instead and then you should be able to panel line. I am unfamiliar with testors though so the results might not be the same! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I too use a gundam marker (the ultra fine black). Yes i used testors dullcote lacquer. I could be spraying to close. I might try to find mr. super clear flat been wanting to see about it anyway. I will try the sakura pen i think i seen some at a local crafts store, not sure though.

      I was just wanting to copy you because its very nice, i ordered some Mr Hobby Chrome silver so i just wanted everything to be ready by time it got here. thanks for the reply

      • Heh no problem, glad to be of help ^^ Feel free to ask if you have more questions ๐Ÿ˜€ Will try my best to answer em. Happy building!

  6. hi just tried this out on my a zaku bazooka and the finish is brill i used mettalic silver spray paint sprayed in it’s cap and a fine brush straight onto the plastic and it’s amazing the transformation , one of the best idea’s i have seen yet.

    • Oh what is brill finish is it something like matt? Haha dry brushing is a very very nice effect especially for weapons!

  7. lol i have a shin musha gundam too do sometime so i will prob try doing the frame that way i think it will be affective .

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