MG Exia – WIP Phase 2!

After a hectic day at work I finally can get to continue with my MG Exia! Nothing beats work blues like building Gundams. Well here we go!


A little surgery on the hands..


My trusty sawing tool


Now I have movable individual fingers!


My cheap and good black panel line marker. I used this on the yellow and blue parts. Can be found at Popular Bookstores ^^


Before panel lining


After panel lining ^^. Helps to define the armour further.


For the white parts i'll be using this. This is way better then the regular water based gundam markers. The tips don't fray that easily ^^


This marker comes with 2 types of tips. A small tipped one for this hard to reach places.


And a fat assed tip for mass panel lining



I prefer using grey marker than black for white parts. Gives a nice shading effect.


After cleaning up with tissue paper. Surprisingly for this whole kit I only need to use one piece ^^


Rei toying with the GN Drive while I am panel lining..


Exia assembled!



Panel lining really brings out the details.

Well at this stage after doing all the basic stuff. I’ll be disassembling the armor parts for a gloss coat for the decals, whereas the internals i will be giving them a flat coat plus silver dry brushing. I’ll also be sanding the hands to remove the mold lines! argh so many of them and also the mold lines on the gray part below the knee cap armor.

DSC01740Till the next post!


17 thoughts on “MG Exia – WIP Phase 2!

  1. looking good. I bought an exia ignition mode and intend to pit it in damaged form with some extras but I have no idea when I’ll actually get around doing it, with all my other projects waiting for their turn.

    • Heh thanks! Same here. I’ll be getting that ignition mode this weekend and do a damage repair version. But might try out some of the ‘damaging’ stuff on my old kits first ^^. Btw your collection of figures were awesome.

  2. Exia’s turning out beautifully! Can’t wait to build my own xD
    Love the idea of separating the fingers by the way – more possibility for better posing. I really like how the panel lines for the white parts turn out. Hope you’ll be taking more photos of Exia once you’ve completed it. (:

    • The holographic cables are actually like rubber ^^ I just gently tear it out from the sheets. They are quite tough so you don’t have to worry about tearing them.

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