MG Exia – WIP Phase 1!

Leaving my O gundam aside for now till I get some inspiration for his gun, I decided to start working on my regular MG Exia. Will be doing this mainly out of the box. Adding all the decals and sealing the whole kit with flat coat. One thing that bug me the most was the dark grey that they had for the GN swords…time to add some bling to my own.

DSC01661My tools for the bling bling

DSC01655The dull grey gn swords

DSC01656After surface 1000

DSC01657First coat of gloss black

DSC01660A nice coat of silver ^^

DSC01694GN Sword assembled!


DSC01696Panel lined using gundam grey marker for the white and black for the grey and blue.

DSC01693Finished panel lining the body too ^^. I loved the blue straight out of the box.

DSC01703The Chief project manager, heard she used to work at this Nerv organisation…

DSC01702Testing the GN drive before installation.

Well just some short updates. Stay tuned!

Till the next post!


2 thoughts on “MG Exia – WIP Phase 1!

    • Haha yep it is a great MG to have 😀 Oh for the GN blades yes I did spray paint them with Silver ^^

      The default color isn’t very nice! Btw you have quite an awesome site and collection of figures!

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