Singapore Toys Games & Comic Convention

STGCC1Just one of the many awesome stuff I saw at STGCC last night. I have been to the previous one last year but sadly I did not take much photos. What I can say is this year is even bigger and better! Here are some of the stuff that caught my eye.

STGCC02So many primes….

STGCC03Man, I used to have this powermaster optimus….

STGCC05Give me your face…

STGCC04Awesome looking iron man

STGCC06Kamen Rider!!

STGCC07One of my favorite sculpts. Really dig the blue ^^

STGCC08Weird but somehow it grows on me some how looks like a grenade…


Comics galore!

STGCC10My hoot of the day. A small Naruto figurine for my little nephew

STGCC11That is a mean looking Garra ^^

Well will be going down again for more pictures later. You can click here for the rest of the other photos.

Stay tuned!


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