Chimera Gundam – Bashing in progress I

From the ashes of my every growing stock pile of SDs, and a nice puff of primer, I give you my Chimera Gundam! (I’ll think of a better name in the future when inspiration strikes..)

ChimeraDSC01382 Recognize which body parts they are from?? haha. My very own Frankenstein!


Guess how many arms were used for this?

ChimeraDSC01384Surprisingly the tail is very flexible. Love the ball joints that comes with the SD Sangokuden ^^

ChimeraDSC01386Tail attached with the all mighty blue tag!

ChimeraDSC01387Got to love this pose!

ChimeraDSC01389If you ever have a large stockpile I suggest you can try this ^^ haha. Well back to my O gundam, got lots of work to do!!

Till the next post!


4 thoughts on “Chimera Gundam – Bashing in progress I

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