SD Sangokuden Ryubi Gundam – Old handpainted works

One of my old works last year. Taking a break from my O gundam for a while (hands and neck aching from all that scribing…) I decided to try out my new cardboard background that I got this morning from Toa Payoh Popular. For $1.70 I think it beats having just a plain white majong paper back ground.

Ryubi gundamryubi page 1

The Ryubi Gundam is based on the character Liu Bei in the Romance of the Three Kingdom novel. Ryubi was the first kit from this line and its way much better not only in terms of articulation but also looks and details. Not only are they cheap on the wallet but they are also based on familiar Chinese characters taken from a rich story background. I hand painted this kit with Mr hobby Lacquer paints followed by a flat coat and used the gundam marker for the little gold parts. It was also my first attempt with using epoxy putty to sharpen the swords which sad to say don’t turn out very well. Perhaps I’ll try it out somewhere again.

All the pictures here are taken outdoors. Natural light is photography’s best friend ^^

Some action shots!

Ryubi gundam04

Ryubi gundam05Ryubi gundam06

Ryubi gundam07

Ryubi gundam08

Ryubi gundam09

Ryubi gundam11

Ryubi gundam13

Found some nice place to take some mountain shots.

Ryubi gundam15

Ryubi gundam17

Taking photographs outside on a sunny day is really different. ^^ Its even better with nice background haha.

Till the next post!


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