O Gundam WIP Phase 2!

After eliminating all the nubs and sanding, now comes the detailing which I’ll try to use some of the stuff I always read but never tried. Considering O gundam is sort of an experimental unit by itself, ironically now its a test bed for techniques that I am gonna try out haha. Well enough talking lets get to it.

Gundam 0201

Gundam 0202

My o handy tri tool saw

Gundam 0203

Now moving on to detailing. I want to add some custom panel lines to the thighs, body and hands. This is the second time I am doing so hopefully it turns out well….(screwed up badly on my HG freedom trying to give him some panel lines..)

Gundam 0204

Bought this at Tampines giant.

Gundam 0207

Gundam 0206

Item at the top right, found at all good cosmetic stores! Though I am unclear of their functions…

Gundam 0205

Gundam 0208

Gundam 0210After scribing with the Tamiya Scriber, next step involves clearing up

Gundam 0209

Gundam 0211

Gundam 0212

Also added panel lines the the forarms and chest. Pla plates are currently attached with your very versatile blu tack

Gundam 0213

Well tried out some simple panel lining and its actually quite a learning experience ^^. Will be a base for me to work on for other projects. Might at more panel lines if time permits. Stay tune for more updates!

Till the next post!


6 thoughts on “O Gundam WIP Phase 2!

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  2. Oh that sand paper is 600 grit ^^. Man no grit higher than 400?? I think hardware stores should have, those black colored ones can also be used πŸ˜€

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