O Gundam WIP Phase 1 de arimasu!

Gundam 001

One last look at my 0 gundam before he goes under the knife!

After experimenting with his right leg with that polishing tutorial, I think its fair that I get started on him before he complains. He looks menacing with that beam saber of his. I’ll try to document this thoroughly so that others can learn from this build.

So my plans for him are as such

1) Deal with all the seam lines

2) Sharpen the three fins

3) Add some pla plate later on for additional detail, but not too much till it affects his slim design. This will be the hardest part cos its my first time doing…

4) After that prime and use a combination of spray cans and hand painting. Followed by enamel wash. This time I’ll experiment using grey wash for the white parts, brown for the yellow.

5) Followed lastly by flat coat.

Well let the building begin!

Gundam 005

Identifying all the part with seams, somehow the arms are missing...

Gundam 006

I used a black marker to mark out the seam

Gundam 007

Seamlines on both the back and the sides

Gundam 010

Mini pistol with a seam smack right across

Sharping the fins

Gundam 014

Marked out the edges to be cut and trimmed. Use a sharp cutter if possible to minimise breaking the fin..

Gundam 015

After surgery. Love those sharp V fins

Gundam 041

Used hobby knife the trim the fins. Left side original thickness. Right side after trimming

As for removing the seams, the most trouble some thing is the head. Either you paint the face first, mask it, remove the seam in the head and then paint, or we can do a little bit of surgery to slide in the head.

Gundam 017

Marked out the back of the red part. Will trimming that. Also shave the sides of the face plate for easier sliding. By marking out in black, it acts as a guide as to where to cut.

Gundam 022

After trimming.

Gundam 023

Slowly sliding in..

Gundam 024

Insertion success!

Well we had a good head start haha, now lets eliminate the seams with this…

Gundam 045

Why thin cement instead of thick? I prefer better control. Sometimes using the thick cement ruins the surface details.

Gundam 026

Leaving a small gap in between the pieces, use a little tamiya cement and drip it near the seam. The cement will flow by capillary action.

Gundam 027

Then squeeze the two parts tightly and you should see something like this. A nice squished out line of cement flowing out.

Gundam 031

Sanded the next day with 600 to 1000 grit. Seam eliminated! Same thing was done for the legs and arms

Gundam 030

Instead of using cement, I'll be creating a panel line at the marked out black area with a chisel

Gundam 036

After surgery. Not only does it solve my seam line problem but also added some detail ^^

Gundam 035

Well thats all the updates for the night! Man its 2am!!

Till the next post!


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