Tamama’s adventures in night photography!

I read a few articles about shooting at night and in my eagerness to do a little night shot experiment, Tamama volunteered to help be the subject. So we took out his construction base which I just bought not long ago hee (again its out of my love for keroro stuff…can’t get enough of their wacky antics!!)

tamamaDSC01038Tried taking my photos armed with my wife’s digi cam. This time with ISO 100, 2 sec timer delay to reduce shakiness as I prefer not to use the tripod and I up the EV thingy to +0.5. White balance I left it on incandescent. This was shot in my garden with a dumb founded wife by my side watching a full grown man behaving with excitement like a 5 year old kid…


A close up shot of Tamama's base construction module. Love the way the lights cast the shadow. Gives that reality feel I hope lol!


The three chairs are for Keroro, Giroro and Kururu which unfortunately at this point in time they are not available. Must be on some secret mission....


Looking good Tamama!

Experimenting with different angles

Experimenting with different angles

Shot at this angle to capture more of the landscape

Shot at this angle to capture more of the landscape. Looks like a big field from this angle

Last shot before he goes back to his mansion

Last shot before he goes back to his mansion

Well a little experiment and I must say its really different shooting at night. If you guys have any tips on improving these shots I’ll love to hear em and try out! Just starting out with photography so I have lots to learn.

Thanks again Tamama!

Till the next post!


3 thoughts on “Tamama’s adventures in night photography!

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  2. Oh, that must be at the back yard of nishizawa mansion.
    Tama’s face is cute here, I always like him, he does lots of dragonball parody ^_^

    • Haha nah its chubbs little garden. If it is Nishizawa’s mansion I’ll have the whole island booked just to take one picture!!

      He is very cute but when cornered/jealous/feeling 400% inferior mood…..buhahah…tamama impactooo!!!

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