Look what came in…

Orr Kuay05In a completely non gundam post, my grandamother dropped by the office and delivered this nice little brown crispy Orr Kuay. (Can’t really translate this to english haha, don’t know the equivalent..)Its thin crispy crust enclosing the yam paste with minced dried prawns, rice flour, fried onion and pepper. But sadly I am allergic to prawns so the only thing I can really do to pay tribute to my grand ma’s creation is a nice post dedicated to her.

Being the photograph enthusiast I whipped out my digi cam and took a few nice pictures of the last two pieces…..

Food is a central part of my family. Weekends is always about gathering at our house for dinner and an evening of interaction.  Always we have something special for the weekend, laska, nasi lemak haha.. its a long list. I most of us has that special food that holds meaning for us in our hearts be it mom’s cooking, grandma’s kuays..

OrrkuaypageLooking nice and crispy!! Wish I can sink my teeth into this!

Orr Kuay10Oh and don’t forget the sweet sauce!

Till the next bite.. erh I mean post!


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