SD Sangokuden Kochu Gundam WIP Phase 3 Ikimasu!

Took some time out of the  evening to do up most of the work for this guy. This time round I’ll be hand painting several parts to my liking hee. Dabble with a bit of dry brushing on the black parts to give it that armor look. Well here it goes! WIP 3 Ikimasu!


Arranging all the parts and sorting out which to paint and what colour.


Close up shots of the parts

Remember to stir the paint! Kochu3DSC00857

Put a couple of red paint into the tray followed by thinner. Mix it till you get a milk like consistency.


Use a small brush, soak up a bit of paint. Dab the area instead of using strokes. Make sure your paint is not watery...or else you have one big headache rest assured..


After handpainting with neutral gray


Top left before dry brushing with siliver. Top right after dry brushing! Did dry brushing with neutral grey following by a bit of black at the tips. Looks more like a beard now!


Metalic Red Gundam Marker


Got to love that red!


Just a little preview...

Some close up shots

Some close up shots

Stay tuned for more updates!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Well tomorrow I’ll be panel lining using black enamel wash followed by top coat. Then I’ll be hand painting the rest of the gold parts! Man want to finish this quick so I can get to do my MG Exia!!

Till the next post!


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