Bushido’s Ahead

DSC00758When I first saw Mister Bushido’s Ahead in Gundam 00 S2 the first thought that I had was ‘thats one butt ugly face for a mech’. But after seeing him trash Setsuna and even taking head on trans am Gundam 00, his mech kinda grew on me. Would have been awesome to see him fight against Ali’s Throne.

DSC00754I hand painted it using Gundam color red, flat black, orange and clear orange for the katanas. Dryed brush with Mr Metal burnt iron on the edges to give it that worn out look. I was quite proud of this work which I did last year but my regret was not taking out those seam lines at the legs. But still this guy can really do some awesome poses. On with the photoshoot!

DSC00755DSC00762DSC00763Over did the dried brushing on the back haha…

Now for my favourite part, action poses. Love the beam katanas.



Love those twin katanas.


More katana action.


DSC00793One last look at the battlefield before he retires

to the cabinet or is it…

Till the next post!

13 thoughts on “Bushido’s Ahead

  1. Just a tip, to thin the paint, you can use a mixture of water with a bit of soap. You can use this as a sort of thinner to thin your paint ^^. Happy painting.

    • For acrylics you can use this as an alternative ^^. This i learn from the hobby shop boss. For other types of paint like lacquer and enamel you will require the thinner.

  2. what a lovely thing to do to this monster. it looks better than my Sekigake (Bushido’s Ahead) takes down notes. ^^,

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