Old works – handpainted Gundam 00

Gundam00Jurong store pics 041Gundam 00 was one of my favourite mechs in Season2 of the show,  combine with the O raiser and you’ll have the uber godlike Setsuna owing the field. However sadly, for the 1/100 no grade the O Raiser kind of makes it back heavy. In my opinion, doesn’t bode well for a mobile suit that suppose to do that omnislash round the field haha. (Dota anyone?) I did this kit last year and its a culmulation of all my noobness haha! You can see the brush stroke marks, uneven surfaces…   It was also my first suit that I actually handpainted from top to bottom. I have been aching to do a little photo shoot with this guy, and pardon the grainy photos think I screwed up the lighting on this one.

Gundam00Jurong store pics 009Target in sight! (Got to love those GN gunblades,

Gundam00Jurong store pics 017Gundam00zoom

Setuna F Selei, exterminating targets!



Some air poses.

Gundam00Jurong store pics 019Gundam00Jurong store pics 021A quick throw of the GN blade

Gundam00Jurong store pics 003One last picture before I put him back to the cabinet.

Till the next post!


2 thoughts on “Old works – handpainted Gundam 00

    • I used clear red acrylic for the head red portion. As for the orbs it is actually a mixture of clear blue and green (abt 50% of each). I mixed and thinned the paint till its more like a water like consistency then dip the parts inside :D.

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