Full Metal Panic!! Mode Lock ARX-7 Arbalest

ArbalestDSC00672Taking a break from my Kochu Gundam, I’ll like to share this little rare gem that I found while taking a little stroll at the hobby shop…

I watched both full metal panic season 1 & 2 plus the humorous spoof laden fumufu (hope i got the spelling right..). I really like the design of the Sergent Sagara Souske’s mech, the ARX-& Arbalest equipped with all goodies from the black technology. I found this while buying my pla plate at M workshop and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this baby hidden in one corner among the SD gundams. Parting with $15 in cash I finish snapping the Arbalest after dinner.

Initially I was thinking of posting a few shots but with the asthetics, detail and scale, I ended up taking more than I wanted. Really had a fun time shooting this guy. But on a down side, this is not a kit for snappers… its molded gloriously in only light grey…and has huge holes in the arms and legs that will require a hell lot of putty to fill em..and provided only a shot gun and a knife.

But then again, its all about the look and poses it can do. The arm articulation is superb which is even better than the hg 00 gundam. The leg however can’t do the splitting post but the ankles have a nice articulation similar to the O gundam. But for kotobukiya kit its joints are actually very tight!  The thing that probably needs fixing up is the leg articulation.


Box art at the back

ArbalestDSC00675The two grey sprues.

arbalestpage1This guy looks great just standing there… but the holes are an eye sore!

arbalestpage2Combat knife

arbalestpage4Awesome looking shot gun.

ArbalestDSC00695It actually uses the left over sprue as a base, really making full use of everything for this kit.

In a few short words, great looking kit that can do lots of nice poses but needs a hell lot of tender loving care to work on its flaws. Well till next time! Hopefully I can do this guy after my Kochu and O gundam.


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    • Filling those holes is a real pain 😀 You done a great job filling them ^^(Saw from your photos.) and giving it a really nice paint job!

    • Oh the movement is very very good. It is similar to revoltech type joints and it is able to articulate as well as them. If I do get this kit done I might include it in the figure wars 😀 Sagara Souske will make a very good match with Maritan ^^

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