SD Sangokuden Kochu Gundam – WIP Phase 2 Ikimasu!

Hee, finally we come to priming our Kochu Gundam. Before heading to my back yard I did my little set up in the room.

kochuA0011800 hrs – Squeezing all the parts on my little Styrofoam box…

kochuA0021815 hrs – My Kochu with a nice coat of white surfacer. Why white instead of the grey primer? Having a white base makes your colour more brilliant. Especially it comes to the colour red and yellow. I like my SDs bright and cheery ^^

kochuA004Another function of surfacer is for checking the surfaces prior to our first coat of paint. Look at the nice smooth silky…(okay I am getting way out of topic..)kochuA009

kochuA0101830 hrs – Gloss shine red on red parts


1845 hrs- Gloss black on all the gold parts. Read somewhere that having a black base will give one a nice gold later.

kochuA0151900 hrs-Sorting out the white and blue parts for spraying on another day. Thanks to my mother for helping me with the folded box haha!!! Origami can be really useful.

kochuA0141915 hrs – A nice spray of tamiya gold. Probably needs another coat .

kochuA012One last look at the bling before heading to dinner.

1930 hrs – Clean up.

Till next time!


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