SD Sangokuden Kochu Gundam – WIP Phase 1

kochu gundamProfile : SD Sangokuden Kochu Gundam

Where I bought it : Hobby Art Gallery at Sunshine Plaza

Phase   : 1 – Sanding with 400, 600 to 1000 grit, cementing seams, sharpening edges and removing mold lines.

Tools used : Tamiya Cement, Sand paper various grit, hobby rotor, hobby knife, chisel, plus mask (especially for those with sensitive noses! not good to breath in so much plastic dust…)

Here are some of my work in progress pics

kochu005Cemented the seams with Tamiya cement, followed by sanding with 400 to 600 and finally to 1000 grit.

kochupg1Introducing hobby rotor..hee good tool for sharpening spikes, comes with changeable heads for various jobs.


Before and after sharpening. Man better not touch it..


Sharpening the face armour with my hasegawa tri tool and chisel (not shown in pic). Amour picture at the top before sharpening. Bottom after sharpening. Picture on my left is the trusty old tri tool.

kochu001Some minor surgery for easy painting later

kochu003Some other parts that were also sharpen. Got to love pointy armours! Might need to rework on the arrows… don’t look like they could pierce anything…

kochu010Kochu Gundam ready for priming!

kochupg4Last shot of the night! Stay tune for more updates!

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