Zoids – Hmm tiger in pursuit!

Had this sudden inspiration to take my tiger out to the fields today. Hes’ just waiting to be out of that display case for a long time. Felt I did not do justice with the crappy photos I took for my HMM Tiger last week. So took him out with one the field and boy did he had a great time as much as I did. It was early morning and he spotted something in my garden..


Climbing up the stone pavement. Easy climb.

DSC00528-06Looking around the field for a prey..

DSC00526-04Sniff sniff, think he spotted something.

DSC00524-02Slow and steady he approaches.

DSC00530-08Inching closer to the target

DSC00529-05Getting into position before the sprint…


Well thats all I can take in the morning, my stomach beckons… hmm wonder where Keroro went, thought he was here a minute ago… heh Tiger! Put Keroro down!!


One thought on “Zoids – Hmm tiger in pursuit!

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