KeroPLa – Nurse Pururu to the rescue!

Got this cute little Kero Pla a last month. My wife’s little pink piggy was feeling a bit sick the air isn’t so good around town for your average little pig. So I quickly send Pururu to his aid!


Piggy : Ah nurse, I don’t feel so good..tummy is aching…head giddy….


Pururu : Hai! You don’t look so good today.

Piggy : Must be those shaker fries, had a good 2 large up sized uns… oh my tummy..


Pururu : Hmm lemme take a closer look. Seems like a case of over heatiness. Nothing to worry about, just a jab will do just fine.

Piggy : A jab? (Groaning..)


Pururu : Now it won’t hurt, just stay still….

Piggy : Ok… (seconds later..) Yikes!!!


Piggy : Oh thanks, feels so so much better!

Pururu : No problem! All in a day’s work


Till then next jab! erh I mean post!


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