MG Force Impulse – My first completed gundam post!!


The Force Impulse Gundam was the only mech that I really like from the seed destiny series. Managed to complete it out of the box (OOB). Cut using tamiya sprue cutters and used art knife to trim the left over spures. Panel lined the blue and red areas with black gundam marker, grey for the white areas. Used most of the decals and then finally with a spray of top coat. Really love the MG design which is way better than the 1/100 NG version. This is also my first time experimenting outdoor photoshooting and I must say, turned out much better than I expected!

impulsepage1Got to love the sharp details and the V fin. Uber coolness just standing there!

impulsepage2Force Impluse Shin Aska Launching!

impulseipage3Twin pink sabers of death!

DSC00488-29DSC00483-24DSC00486-25Some action poses!

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do! Till next time!

17 thoughts on “MG Force Impulse – My first completed gundam post!!

    • Shin was enlisted as a faith member early on in the series after they discovered his ace pilot fighting capabilities ^^. Hence that faith decal

  1. wow you sure have a nice blog and thank you so much for the links! wish i have time to do nice picture taking for my models. i am quite busy with work i only got to snap pictures (without considering much pose or plan) when or technically while i am working at night at home because on my working table i put my models that do not fit in the display cupboard. haha. visit my blog and see what i mean. it is not as impressive as yours but i will try to improve more hehe

    • Heh thanks!! Oh i replied your previous comment, not too sure if you have seen it 😀 Work is definitely a hobby killer…sometimes I come home so tried I can’t even start on any work on my kits!! I tend to build slowly and part by part so haha, bare with the many slow WIPs. I started out with crappy posing at the beginning but I visited other blogs and looked out how the do their poses. Tried to emulate what they do and bit by bit I arrived at what I am today:D There is still so much to learn!! I saw your blog and hi five, another fellow kerojin ^^

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  3. Hi Chubbybots, nice works on all your Gunpla =). Just wondering, were you using Mr top coat or Mr Super Clear Flat? I like the matte effect you got on your gunpla =)

  4. Thanks for the tips man. It is winter over here so I will try it later during spring/summer =)
    Btw saw your Shinaju, great works! Can’t believe it was hand painted.

  5. Hi! I’m a newbie and currently reading stuff about painting gunpla and all. So this was only sprayed with top coat right? What will be the effect of it in terms of color and overall look of the kit compared to the one without?

    • By default bandai plastic is semi gloss. Spraying a top coat (matt) will remove the shine. Other than that the colors will not be different. If you are building straight out of the box without painting, top coat really enhances the kit’s look. Won’t look so toyish!

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