20090722-071004 The final enemy of Exia R2 at the end of Gundam 00 S2. Got to love that epic end. I bought this kit from Hobby Arts Gallery at sunshine plaza, awesome hobby shop, nice owners and lotsa kit on display there.

Anyway just snap fitted this guy over the weekend and I must say I really love the articulation and sleek updated design of the RX78. Just a quick pic before I start work on detailing him. One thing I did not like was that mini pistol that came with it. Looks like one more weapon for the scrap pile. But overall I will not add too many things just to maintain this sleek simple look.

I hope to do it like these Japanese modellers one day. I admire their patience and attention to the littlest of details. This is something that I am trying to cultivate.

Taken from N.G.T.FACTORY JAPAN http://www.ngtfactory.com/index.html

Just a quick thought. Bandai has really come a long way from in terms of the 1/144 scale and especially for the double 0 series. Case in point the 1/144 Gundam oo is so much better in both scale and articulation compare to its 1/100 counter part. And don’t get me started on the o raiser cough**.

Will post up the WIPs for my O gundam once I finish up my SD Kochu Gundam. Probably do another WIPs for Kochu later.


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