My mom’s legendary laksa

LaksaDSC00433Had a long day from work today, one big hiccup incoming on monday and worse my legs ache from that , 4km jog. After dropping off from my colleagues’ truck at my doorstep I smell a pleasant aroma drifting out of the kitchen, slowly filling my senses. ‘No way… it can’t be’ I said in my head. Laksa during weekday?? OMG. Truth be to my nose there was that heavenly bowl of  laksa waiting there on the table.

Just a back story as to why I am that surprise. We have a big family and usually on weekdays is just the usual veggie, fish and some meat. Only during weekends when my relatives come over will she come up with some special stuff. So a pleasant surprise for a nice evening I must say.


Salty & spicy, aroma oozing out of every inch, this has got to be one of my fave foods from my mom’s cooking menu, too bad my mom is a bit camera shy or else i’ll put up her photo here haha. Anyway as to how she cooks its an open secret here in the family haha. Perhaps next time I might put up work in progresses of her laksa.  My cousin is slurping his second bowl as I am typing…

Hope you guys enjoy your mothers’ cooking like I do!


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