Midsection Woes

fat_hamsterFound this really fat hamster picture that I saw at PetsPurfect.com, can’t help but think about my own situation. I recently (err kinda like since 2 years back) got a lot of comments about how much more ’round’ I have become. That offending mid section is becoming bigger & bigger by the minute and has become somewhat a nice pillow that my soon to be wife loves pinching (ouch!!).

The last time i weighed myself was a month ago. Hit 89 kg (double ouch!!) How it come to be that from 70 kg I can balloon up to 89 kg, uncontrolled eating, unhealthy sleeping habits and a strong craving for chocolates, ice cream, afternoon snacks.. you get the drift. My family has a history of high blood pressure and this weight issue is kind of worrying if you think about the long term effects. I read from somewhere that every X inches you add to your waist reduces your life span by Y years, scary thought..

Luckily I am in my twenties so there is still some time for me to catch up.

I’ll do a weigh in tonight and decide on my action plan. Got to know where you are first before you decide your goals. I’ll try to document my so called progress for my friends to have a good laugh haha.. hopefully this goal won’t end up as a resolution for next year again…

Till next time.

2 thoughts on “Midsection Woes

  1. hi! interesting post.. hahaha.. 😛 i have pile up some weight too… but can only start slimming down few mths later.. *blink blink* 😛

    so when’s the gd news? will i be hearing wedding bell soon? 😛

    • Haha, the goods new will come soon. Now already shortlisted and visited a few hotels. Will keep you guys posted!!

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