Zoids anyone…

I remember my very first model kit was actually a zoid bought for me by my late grandpa. It was a four legged mechanical dinosaur that you build from differnt plastic parts, assemble it together with a wind up motor and foil stickers for decoration. After making it, just wind up the motor and watch your minature mechanial terror stomp around the house! Wished I kept my old zoids argg!!

I think its about 14 to 15 years that I last picked up a zoid toy. Only recently since last year I began recollecting gundam model kits and I happen to pass by this shop selling zoids manufactured under kotobukiya HMM (highend master model) series. This series is on a really different level when it comes to model kits. ( I am a serial snap fitter…) So heres my take on first HMM Saber Tiger!

HMM-Saber Tiger

Hmm tiger mixed page

Tools of the trade : Tamiya Cutter (one side thats flat), 600 to 1000 grit sandpaper, gundam markers, art knife and sakura micron pen for panel lining. Finished and seal with Mr Hobby Flat Coat.

Pros : I must say I am quite impress by the details. From the ultra sharp razor tooth to the cockpit, the zoid core block, the individual movable claws…really worth the time detailling. Awesome possablity with multiple joints all over the body. This kit actually comes with decals but I prefer my mechs without them. (Probably save them for other projects)

Cons : The joints can get really loose over time. Best if you stuck this guy in one pose. Some parts will require plastic cement if you don’t want them to fall apart. And the level of snapping much more difficult compare to a regular gundam.

All in all still an awsome model kit to have.

17 thoughts on “Zoids anyone…

  1. Kelvin, what an excellent job you did with your Gundam models. Impressive!WOW!!! I love the way U describe the details & paint your Gundam models and Zoids. Good choice of colours! Your mum’s laksa….ooOh….. Yummy!! She’s the BEST MUM and COOK!! And we love you both always 🙂

    • I got this from M works shop at sunshine plaza ^^. I think he still has a black saber tiger version if I am not mistaken. You can also check out latendo at kallang leisure. They do have some stocks for HMM Zoids.

  2. Awesomely cool!! I wonder if they do Beast Wars kits…. thats my favourite animal-robot bases series from my childhood.
    This is very cool though, sadly Zoids never got shown on a channel I get in the UK, otherwise, since it was one of the few anime to get shown in the UK, I woulda watched.

    • Even here in Singapore we don’t get to see zoids! They have some of the most wicked designs for animal robots ^^. Btw I have a genosaurer still unbuild haha. Might want to start that to take a break from my gundams after the astray is done. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Thanks lots for the heads-up, really appreciate it! The Iron Kong is the latest HMM kit to go on my to-buy list, it looks and can move as though it is an actual gorilla!

    • I saw the kit on Ngee Khiong’s site. Really awesome kit ^^. Great to see another zoid collector. Most of the ppl I know collect mainly armor and gundams.

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    • Ah China Sq central carries some HMM. If not there is another hobby shop at sunshine plaza that also carries kotobukiya kits!

    • HMM Zoids are really expensive locally. I would probably go to online shops such as hobby link japan or amiami for reasonable prices. Its hard to get kotobukiya kits cheap I am afraid.

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